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Thursday, September 8, 2016


I have always heard "There is a reason why things happen." I have often wondered will I ever find out what that reason is? Will I understand why it happened? In this book there are several characters that will ask those questions. I loved each character and thought the author represented a good array of problems they had, and took us on a journey that is unforgettable.

There is a cross in front of a church that has been damaged. It sure doesn't seem like it is even repairable but a group gets together to find a way to repair it. A carpenter named Kenneth agrees to fix it and the townspeople are amazed at how beautiful the new cross is. It seemed impossible to fix, but before their eyes it transformed into a cross that brought tears to people's eyes.

It's hard not to tell more about this book, but to do that I would ruin the story. I can say that I cried many a tear during this book. The story is about several people and their test of faith. We sometimes say "Why God, why me?" or "I had faith but you didn't answer my prayer. " Through this story I found myself identifying with some of the characters. Do I have enough faith ? I say I trust God, but do I really? There is nothing more powerful than to witness a miracle . I have heard of the pastor who had lost his voice for years, then one day as he was asked to do a bible class, his hoarse  , very hard to here voice suddenly was restored. Yes that was a true miracle and as you read this book you will read about miracles. You will also experience the despair of a mother, the hope of a doctor and the undeniable faith of a pastor.

I loved the character Kenneth and how he was able to lead people to the truth and talk to them through scriptures. Who is Kenneth? Could he be an angel sent by God to share faith with people, let them know that they could have a true relationship with God, or is he Jesus himself? The book is very well written and the emotions run strong throughout the story. Each character has a purpose in the story and I loved how the author weaved their story so closely with each other. Do you believe? Is your faith strong enough to believe in miracles and trust God?

I hope as you read this amazing book that you take your time, let the story touch your soul as you discover "The Reason."

"God doesn't have to prove anything to anyone."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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