Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The anticipation of a new book in a series is exciting and an adrenelin  rush. When I finally got this beautiful book in my hands, I decided that I wasn't moving until i read  the entire book. The author has done an amazing job of writing a story rich in history and characters full of life. The story came to life as I was taken back to 1892.

We find Violet Hawthorne in the Northern part of Maine. She has been devasted but the loss of her parents and her home. That sure is a lot to take in for a young woman who thought everything was going so well. What did her brother do to their home that made it unliveable  for her? Now she has to find a new place and a way to support herself and that is not going to be easy.  Can you imagine living in that era and having to start over? Where will she go and will she ever be able to trust again?

Vance Everstone is a complex man. He really tries to do his best but it never turns out good for him. It seems that he is known as the black sheep in the family. When I read that, I thought about the one sheep that was left behind and God went after that lonely forgotten sheep. It's not easy to be  thought of as the black sheep in a family. No one ever trusts you and when you decide to change, everyone doubts you. Vance really has his work cut out for him when he desires to completely change his reputation. I love stories about bad guys who slowly surrender to God and is transformed by His grace and mercy. Will Vance be able to trust God as he tries to get his life back on track? The author has written a character that made me mesmerized by his strength and willingness to change.

The story will take readers on a journey of forgiveness and trust with twists throughout  that will captivate the readers. I loved how Vance came to the rescue of Violet and I'm sure she was probably a bit surprised. After all, isn't he known as the bad guy, the black sheep of the family? What surprise  question does Vance ask Violet that will find herself going to Boston?  Get ready for an adventure that is full of action, unforgettable characters and a story rich in faith, love and trust.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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