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Thursday, November 24, 2016


With a heartpounding opening the book grabs your attention and never lets go. The author does an amazing job of describing a horrible situation with real emotion . Rose is happy until one day her fiancĂ© Walter becomes violent. Talking about physical abuse is never easy but the author did a great job of showing how devastating it can be.  Rose is a school teacher and such a sweet and caring person.  She decides that she needs to get away from Walter. Rose goes to the one place that she feels safe and comfortable. She travels to her Aunt Clara's beach house .

I loved the time period of the early 1950s and how the author made me feel like I was back there enjoying the simpler times. The people on the island were so nice and seemed like you had known them forever. I  loved the mention  pedal pushers . My mom loved to wear them and she loved going to the beach. The beach house sounded so lovely I was ready to move there and keep Rose company. Rose has a lot of thinking to do and being there at the beach is the perfect place. She has decided that she will just hide away at the beach house and avoid men. After her encounter with her ex-fiancĂ© she does not trust men at all. Will she forgive Walter?

Frank is a well known person on the island and liked by everyone. When he comes to Rose's place to do some minor repairs I could feel the electricity between the two. Rose may have been a bit uneasy around him, but she didn't miss how attractive he was. Frank and Rose slowly to get know each other and I absolutely adored how the author showed their vulnerable side. Rose must learn to trust again. Can Frank break through her wall and win her trust? Will Rose find her way back to God? I loved how the author wrote such a graceful and enduring story that showed how Frank's faith was very important to him. I hope you sit down and visit with Rose and Frank and follow their story as they experience  friendship, trust, faith and love that lasts a lifetime.

"Thoughts are important because they're where our words and action begin."

I received a copy of this book from and this review is my own opinion.

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