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Sunday, January 29, 2017


The authors in this book have a great story to share that will  give you hope and feel love. Each one is beautifully written and the characters are a treasure to read about. I enjoy when authors join together and write a collection because it gives readers a book that delivers powerful stories all in one treasure filled book. Each story flows so easily and remind us of unconditional love, helping each other and forgiveness. Set back and enjoy a trip to Amish country and enjoy the stories that fill you will joy and happiness.

A Cup Half Full by Beth Wiseman

I loved this story because it showed how a young couple struggles after a tragic accident. Sarah has a lot to overcome as she adjust to her new life in a wheelchair. I loved how the author showed how she was trying to come to terms with her situation. There were times when she was angry and other times when she was ready to give up. would you be angry if you suddenly weren't physically able to do everything you were use to?

 Abram is a very hard working man who has done everything he can to make his wife comfortable after she is released from the hospital. I really liked how he sacrificed long hours to be with his wife and tried to keep up with the bills. What  happens when Abram finds himself in a financial hardship? Can Sarah get past her injuries and look for a bright future?  Will Sarah find her way back to God? I loved the story because the author shows how we can find good in everything.    When our anger and bitterness is gone, we are able to be thankful for the things we take for granted. Sometimes  we have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and be happy with the blessings around us.

Home Sweet Home by by Amy Clipston

Oh how I remember when I was first married. We were so broke that we shared a hot dog and a coke at Sonic after saying I do at the Justice of the Peace. As soon as I started reading the story about Mia and Chace I felt like I was transformed back to my early days of married life. Mia is quite surprised to find the cabin they will be living in has no electricity. She is freezing from the icy weather and the baby Kaitlyn, is sobbing as Chace's boss and landlord appears at the home. After losing their apartment it will be a big change for Chace and Mia. I loved how the author described the culture shock . What would you do if you suddenly had to live somewhere where modern conviences were not around? The hospitality that Isaac and his family show  Mia and Chace made me cry. Would it be hard to accept help if you had lost everything ?

The author does  an amazing job of showing how Mia is dealing with the estrangement from her parents. Mia is heartbroken when they turn their back on her and her emotional pain is overwhelming. What would it be like to have your family suddenly stop talking to you? For Mia  and Chace they will have to deal with pride and forgiveness.  Will they  be able to  work together or blame esch other for their situation? The story is filled with such deep emotions and I loved  how the author made the couple so relatable. Can  they  stop blaming each other and work together? Will Mia and her parents reconcile?  I loved the part in the story when Mia has to decide between her parents or her husband. The author really captured the turmoil that some of us face when we have been hurt by our parents. The story will grab you from the start as you journey with Mia and Chace to find happiness , forgiveness and a new beginning.

A Flicker of Hope by Ruth Reid

What an action packed beginning this story is. As the fire burned Thomas and Noreen's home I could visualize the flames shooting into the sky. Noreen barely makes it out of the home thanks to her husband. They are devasted by the loss of their home and I could feel the tension growing between them. Thomas is a stubborn man and there is a slight undertone of bitterness rising  in him. He is determined to rebuild as his his wife blames herself for the fire. I loved how the author showed how important communication is in a marriage.

As the days go by , their bond is strained but they continue to salvage what they can from the fire. I absolutely loved when the author brought precious memories back to the couple of happy times they shared. There was one memory that was especially emotional and the author does a great job of letting readers sense the pain . I thought it was a very touching memory that brought them back to when they were younger and so in love. Have they let their relationship become stagnant? Can Noreen and Thomas find hope in the midst of what looks hopeless? It is a very good story that examines the turmoil a couple can go through and how they allow God to show them how important their dreams and hope are.

Building Faith by Kathleen Fuller

This story reminds me of the old saying"opposites attract." Faith has always loved  being out in the  shop building things. Some may think it is not suitable for an Amish woman but that does stop the determined Faith.  She feels close to her grandfather when she is out in the shop and her heart aches since he passed. I could feel her pain as she felt she could have done something to save him.

Silas is a very gifted carpenter and has taken on running the business since his father has had other pressing matters to attend to. Silas has been worried about bills and prays that God will provide for him and his parents. I loved how the author showed how devoted Silas is to helping the family out as his mother becomes ill. When a friend asks Silas to build cabinets for his new home he feels like it is an answer to prayer.

Through miscommunication  Silas finds Faith at the new home taking measurements . He can't believe what he is seeing. To say that there is tension between the two is an understatement.  How do Silas and Faith both get hired to do the same job? Will they be able to work together after their falling out that led them to avoid each other. I loved this story because the author touches on pride and forgiveness. Pride is a hard thing to overcome and the author does a great job of allowing Faith to examine herself and realize she has been wrong about Silas. Even though Silas is doing his best to keep the family business running, will he ever have enough faith in himself as a carpenter? The story is well written and I loved getting to know Faith and Silas. Will they find a way to forgive the past and work together? The story is very compelling and really showed how important faith is.

I received a copy of this book from author Amy Clipston and Beth Wiseman. The review is my own opinion.

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