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Saturday, February 4, 2017


Have you done something in your life that you are ashamed of? Have you made a mistake you wish you could change? Have you walked through life not being able to forgive yourself? All these questions run through Adrianne's mind constantly. When she was in college she met the man of her dreams.  Their love was contagious and they wanted to be together forever. One decision will change everything and put them on different paths.

Adrianne is working as a curator at a museum when she comes  face to face with her past. The man she ran away from back in college is standing right there in front of her. I loved Adrianne and her deep sense of faith. Now she must use her faith and trust God as she and Chris reconnect. It seems to be easier to forgive others than ourselves. Adrianne has carried a secret for so long and she knows it is time to let go of all the shame she has felt.

Chris has no idea why Adrianne suddenly left college that day and hopes to get answers . I loved his devotion to missionary work and how much his faith meant to him. Adrianne always knew his desire was to be a missionary and she couldn't bring herself to tell Chris all those years ago that she was pregnant. The story is so beautifully written as two people work through forgiveness. Adrianne seems to carry a heavy burden and hopes Chris will understand  why she kept his daughter a secret all these years. I loved the interaction between father and daughter as they got to know each other. The author has written a story that was emotional and filled with God's mercy. This is one story you won't be able to put down. Will Chris and Adrianne work things out?

I especially liked this story because it illustrates so eloquently how hiding secrets can hurt others. We all fight temptations and when we fail, God is there to give us mercy and grace. I loved how the author took two people and walked them through the past with compassion and shared the unconditional love that God gives us each day.

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