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Monday, May 15, 2017


I did like the setting of the book as I love to read about times just before and during the war. The tension is high among the people . The Civil War is on everyone's mind and I loved that it was focused on the Quakers. It seems like there are not many books about the Quakers, but the author did an amazing job of giving facts that helped me understand their lifestyle. I did have a bit of a problem  with the thees and thous but it was only my ignorance of how people talked during that time period. I liked that the author held true to the time period and made the story more interesting. I find as I read historical fiction, I always get some  very intriguing facts that make me want to research the subject more.

The characters were so good and I loved how each one played an important part in the story. Rebecca was my favorite. I loved her determination and heart she had  for the Underground Railroad. I really enjoyed learning more about it and it really opened my eyes to the plight of those who were desperate for freedom. Rebecca's parents have made arrangements for her to marry. I had to stop for a minute and think about that. Could you marry someone you didn't love or know? The Bible says to " honor your mother and father" so what will Rebecca do?

When Rebecca meets Clay she is definitely smitten. What is she to do since she is engaged? Rebecca has many decisions to make and also realizes that Clay is not a Quaker. I can't imagine the turmoil someone goes through to try to do the right thing while having feelings that may go against their religion.

The author weaves a beautiful story that shows us how making Godly choices can sometimes be hard, but are always rewarding.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

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