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Thursday, June 1, 2017


I am loving each book in this series. Kennedy has become like a friend and I love how she is such a strong character. The focus of this book is about illness and prayer.  What would you do if a family member was so sick that doctors gave very little hope for recovery? I remember when my youngest son became very ill. He was having seizures and red bumps all over his body. What stands out in my mind even now is when my son kept saying Jesus over and over in ICU. He then turned to me and said," Mommy I see Jesus in the doorway. He is smiling at me. I'm gonna be fine." All I can remember is thinking , oh the faith of a child. This book reminds me that prayer is powerful and to never give up. 

Kennedy finds herself once again in a situation that could endanger her life. There is a possible global outbreak of a germ that could cost many lifes. Kennedy has really grown in her spiritual life over the last several books . This particular story really shows her depth as a Christian . When she finds herself in a lockdown at the hospital where she was visiting someone, the action rises several degrees. I was blown away by the threat she was in and I felt a calmness come over her that she seemed to not have before. I won't give anything away because this one story has such a powerful message that I had to stop reading for a bit. 

What would you do if a family member or friend was extremely ill? Would you have faith and trust God? Why does he heal some people and not others? These are some very hard questions that the book tackles with insight and wisdom. I loved how much Willow has grown spiritually and her curious mind asks questions that Kennedy is not sure how to answer. Through the trials Kennedy experiences in this story, I sense a weariness. The author surrounds Kennedy with people that are there to lift  her up and I know she will find her way back from sadness. 

Each character really compliments the other with their interactions and deep love for God. I can't forget about a sweet little boy named Woong. He is a great little kid with so many questions. I did laugh as he continued his non-stop questions that even I wasn't sure how to answer. The author has done an exceptional job of keeping readers on the edge of their seat as we continue to enjoy Kennedy and those that are important to her. I really liked the discussion questions at the end of the book . They are questions I think we have all asked at one time. I am excited to know that another Kennedy book will coming out soon. Thank you  for always writing with compassion as you write about tough subjects . I am a huge fan and continue to grow spiritually through your books. 

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network and the author. The review is my own opinion.

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