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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


What a beautiful ending to an emotional series. This one really tugged at my heart and I believe it is the authors best book to date. She wrote with such compassion as the characters experienced pain, disappointment  grief and loss of trust. When the hope chest is opened we are swept back to a time  when Mattie was on top of the world. She slowly began to tell her story that had long been a secret . As the items from her hope chest are revealed her children begin to hear about their mom's past. Is Mattie ready to relive the past? Is the pain still fresh as she begins to share her memories?

Mattie was a woman in love . She had found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But in one instant everything changes for Mattie. She begins to realize her husband has been gone along time. He went to the bank but that was hours ago. A knock on her door will send her into despair and grief. How will she deal with the sudden death of her husband ? I loved how the author showed readers that Amish are just as vulnerable as anyone else when we go to public places. Mattie is told that her husband died a hero but that doesn't make her pain any easier. What will she do now that she is alone and pregnant?

I have to say that Leroy was my favorite character. He is a very good , honest and caring man. He has known Maddie since they were kids. Leroy has always loved Maddie but stepped aside when her heart fell for another. He hates to see her in pain and decides to step in and marry her. He wants to do everything he can to help Mattie and the baby she is carrying.  Will they be able to handle anymore  tragedies?  Will Mattie turn to Leroy for support? What a wonderful man  Leroy is. He reminded me of my husband so much. We had a lot of problems through out early married life. My husband continued to stand by me and pray for me even when I hurt him emotionally. He showed  me what unconditional love was and helped me find my way back to God.

 This story is about forgiving, trusting God and letting go of the past. I loved how the author used a basket from one of the earlier books in the series. It will play a pivotal role in Mattie and Leroy's relationship. Throughout the book we see how hard it is for Mattie to let anyone in as she griefs  . Do we push people away when we are hurting? Do we forget that God is there waiting to comfort us? One of the things I loved the most about this book was how Leroy would not give up. He knew that God had chosen Mattie to be his wife and he held on to that promise. I encourage you to grab some tissues as you read this emotional story of grief and unconditional love.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Fiction Guild.  The review is my own opinion.

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