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Saturday, August 19, 2017

I loved the idea of a writing desk being the center of a story that tell about two very different women. I must say the description of the desk was exquisite. I though about Birdie long ago writing at that desk dreaming of a best seller. She was a wonderful character who I really liked. Her family of course had other ideas for Birdie. Only the best suitor would do and he must be of the utmost of high society. It was such a hardship for Birdie to always have to do what her mother wanted. Birdie's mother is overbearing at times and I didn't care for her much.  At times I wanted to scream at Birdie and say" Girl you are a grown woman.  You are a gifted writer. Do what God has planned for you and let God deal with your mother." Will Birdie follow her dream or allow her mother to suffocate it?

Tenley was a very interesting character. She has just written a book that is sweeping across the U. S. Everyone loves her and now her publisher is ready for her next best seller. There is a slight problem when Tenley just can't find the words to start her book. A phone  call changes her plans as her mother as asked her to come to take care of her. There is a lot of hurt that Tenley must face .  Tenley's mom  is very ill and maybe this will be a time for mother and daughter to rekindle their relationship. Can Tenley let go of the past and forgive her mom? I did find it funny that Tenley's choice of clothing was a raggedy old bathrobe and slippers. It kind of reminded me of the show The Odd Couple. One of the characters was sloppy and just went with the flow.

The Writing Desk goes back in forth in time as Tenley and Birdie each find the desk comforting and inspiring. There is a bit of romance in the book that is sweet and very lovely as the author slowly has each woman learning to trust a man. The key to the story for me is to to be yourself, trust God and never let go of your dreams. The history of Birdie and Tenley's family is well written and brings the story full circle. Does  a writing desk hold the key to a great novel? Can it help two women believe in themselves and allow God to direct  their path? It's a beautifully written story that follows two women as they face failure, happiness, love, forgiveness and God's love.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion..

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