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Thursday, August 31, 2017

 Don't miss this great Western Adventure by Susan Page Davis

I liked the western flair to this historical story. It has Indians, stage coaches, robbers, a sheriff and a pretty woman who has had a hard life. Carmela has been coerced by her uncle to tell this fabricated story to people since she was twelve years old  to collect money from them. Can I just say her uncle is a mean, shady and dishonest man? As you read the story you begin to see how devious her uncle is and how hard she tries to better herself. My heart went out to Carmela as I thought about how scary her childhood must have been.

Freeland is a US Marshall and finds himself on a stagecoach with a prisoner, Carmela and her uncle. The story gets very interesting as the stagecoach finds themselves in danger. I thought Freeland was very brace  and I loved how he was so protective of Carmela. They find that they must depend on each other to survive and find help. The author has really written a western story that has all the makings for a movie. The intrigue and action is top notch , the characters are very strong and Carmela's  faith is very refreshing. Can Carmela  trust Freeland  to help her get away from her uncle? Will Freeland  be able to help make Carmela  be happy? Will she finally live a life in freedom from her past and find love along the way?

I don't want to say more because the story has many elements in there that are vital for readers to grasp. It's not just another western story, but a western story filled with hope, danger, redemption and forgiveness.

I received a copy of this book from The Barbour Publishing Review Crew. The review is my own opinion.

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