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Friday, September 1, 2017


Do you remember going to your high school reunion? It's exciting to see your old friends and reminisce about the old days. You can't wait to see the people you hung out with and find out what they are doing now. But what if a group of you had kept a deep dark secret all these years in hopes no one ever finds out? The story is so intense and edgy I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

Amber was my favorite character because she did so many things to help others. She was a cop, fostered animals and volunteered at a hospice. She wanted to give back but was she doing all these things to overcome guilt of something from long ago? When she decides to go to her high school reunion, she is a bit nervous. Caleb was always good looking and Amber is glad he showed up at the reunion. The night is shattered when someone is murdered as the party is in full swing. I loved the intrigue that surrounds the tight knight group from high school. Whatever secret they have been keeping is about to explode in their face.

I thought  it was very clever how the author used cryptic notes to warn the group that they were in danger. The terror they felt was so real, I could almost hear their heart racing. Someone is out for revenge and won't stop till they are all dead. What secret from so long ago, could make a person angry enough to kill? The story is non stop action with characters that are desperate to stay alive. Caleb is such a great detective and is  determined to keep Amber and her friend Liv alive. The author always amazes me how she can write a story that keeps you guessing and sends shivers down your spine. I like the way Caleb gently explained how he trusts God but still was fighting with his own personal struggles. I think Amber is having a hard time believing she can be forgiven. The story of David was a perfect example of how God forgives us no matter what we have done.  The ending is very emotional and the author gives us an ending that you won't see coming.

. Many of us have done things in our past we are ashamed of. Amber thinks she can't let go of her past and let God heal her. Will Amber find healing and learn to trust God again? Will the killer be found before more people die? This  story  has intrigue, forgiveness , secrets and the unconditional love of God that bring the story to an exciting and unforgettable ending.

"No matter how awful your past may be, Jesus is not only ready to forgive you, but also to restore you. But you have to be completely honest with where you are ."

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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