Sunday, October 8, 2017


Tamera has done it again with an historical novel that takes readers back in time and witnesses what it may have been like during that time period. I love how she incorporated historical facts into the story that gave it a more realistic feel. Some of the scenes in the story may be a bit graphic for some and some words that were used may be offensive to some. I will say in these scenes it was  as close to reality as you can get. Unfortunately the word “negro”was used during that time period and I appreciate how the author depicted the word in a tasteful manner.

Alexandra is a very prim and proper young lady. Her family is known for money and her father is very strict with her. The story takes place during the 1870s were people were trying to survive anyway they could. I loved Alexandra right away when she became a voice for those who deserved an education but were tossed aside . It must have been hard during that time to treat everyone with respect when prejudice was prevelant. Alexandra goes against her father’s wishes and takes a teaching job at Fisk University. Throughout the story the author describes how difficult it was to run the University and how the people come together to try to save it.

Sy was my favorite character. He was kind, honest and willing to help others. I loved learning about the railroad and how it was hard to keep the trains going. It amazes me  that even on a train there was prejudice amongst people. What makes this book so emotional is how the author continues to reinforce how God see us. He doesn’t look at the color of our skin, but at the purity of our heart. It was nice to see people helping each other and looking past what others couldn’t.

The story is rich in history and follows not only the people of Fisk University but the railroad . Sy is looking for the truth in a train accident to clear his father’s name. Will he get the answers he wants? Can Alexandra find happiness teaching knowing her father disapproves? Don’t miss this wonderful story that captures a time period that truly emphasizes how important it is to follow God .

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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