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Sunday, June 24, 2018


This has been a great story to read. The author delivers a great cast of characters with intense drama and intrigue. I loved Caden right away. He has a lot to deal with since his accident while serving his country. His adjustment to a prosthetic leg has really been hard on him. He finds himself on Hatteras Island with a mission to complete. What does he need to give to someone?

McKenna is a person everyone loves. She has a big heart and is always rescuing animals and sometimes people. I loved how she reached out to Caden and helped him find a place to belong even if it's for a short period. He is determined to do what he set out to do and then leave. But where would he go? The author makes Hatteras sound like a picturesque place that I would love to visit.

The story takes on a mystery when bodies start piling up and drugs are being smuggled into the area. I wasn't surprised that Caden would be the first suspect. After all he is new to the community and there happens to be a certain person who wants him gone. I loved how the author talked about several issues that veterans have. PTSD is not easy to cope with and I liked how the author brought attention to it in the story. Caden's childhood was another interesting part of the story. I know what it's like to not have parents who love you and my heart went out to Caden. He is guarded with his emotions at times and that causes tension between him and McKenna.

The action heats up when buildings start burning in the town. Danger is just around the corner for McKenna when her life is in danger. Can Caden save her in time? Who is behind all this chaos going on in town? I am very pleased with the author's ability to write with such depth and intrigue. I was kept on my toes and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I loved watching Caden start to trust people and believe that he has a purpose in life.

The excitement builds when something from a different era brings danger to the town. What happens when rumors of a submarine from the 1940s start circulating in the town? Is there treasure on the submarine worth killing for? This is a powerful story about trust, redemption, self worth and love. The ending is wonderful and one you won't forget. We all belong somewhere but sometimes we have to let go of the past, to find our future.

" You have to grieve what you lost before you can embrace what you still have left."

I received a copy of this book from Gilead Publishing. The review is my own opinion.

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