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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Legacy of Love by Am Clipston

I love reading stories by this author because she has a gift of making her characters come to life. Leon is a hard worker and seems a bit lonely. I loved the reaction he has when he runs into his old girlfriend Susie. Its not hard to imagine that he still cares for her. Having a relationship is hard when one wants to get married and the other isn't ready to make that commitment.

When Susie drops off rocking chairs for Leo to repair, I could instantly feel a spark between them. I would love to have those chairs on my front porch. The hours I would spend rocking in them with my husband would be priceless. Those chairs have a precious memory for Susie. Can Leon restore them back to their original beauty? Why does Susie keep visiting Leon even though she is engaged?  The story is sweet and captures the beauty of what being in love with someone is.  

The Cedar Chest by Beth Wiseman

From the beginning the author intrigued me when Emma and her daughter Catherine discover a forgotten cedar chest in the basement. The excitement as they open it is an attention grabber. The author has a unique ability to write stories that take us to different places and time periods with a sense of being there with the characters. I felt like I was peeking over their shoulders as the chest was opened. What they find inside will change Catherine in many ways. I loved how the author told a story of love and forgiveness. through a couple that lived many years ago.  Married couples have problems and sometimes they decide not to fix them. 

I loved reading about Isaac and Elizabeth as they tried to reconcile to each other. Through their story, Catherine was able to capture how dear her husband was. I admired Isaac and his willingness to protect Elizabeth. Their story is one that reminds me of my great granddad and great grandmother. They traveled by wagon to homestead their land. They were young but so in love. Many obstacles tried to keep them apart, but my great granddad said he  never gave up. They had a wonderful life together and I treasured the stories that were shared about them. Catherine and Abram find themselves drifting apart. Will the letters that Catherine finds help her find peace? I loved this story so much because the author shares a love story of long ago that helps several characters find hope and unconditional love. I think I need to get a cedar chest and fill it will memories for my children to open after I am gone. What a treasure to leave behind family history that shows how God can change hearts.

The Treasured Book by Kathleen Fuller

I have never met anyone like Cevilla but I loved her character so much, She injured herself and has Lucy come stay with her. Lucy wants to help out anyway she can. Does Cevilla have another reason for Lucy being there? Shane is very interesting and has decided he wants to join the Amish church . I loved reading how Shane and Lucy hit it off with each other. I suspect there could be a little matchmaking going on . Cevilla  is quite the character. She is feisty and at times very obvious at what she is trying to accomplish. Does Shane and Lucy have feelings for each other? I loved how the author writes a story with fun characters that make readers laugh. You can't help but love the humor that the author draws from the characters.

When an unexpected visitor shows up, will it cause friction between Shane and Lucy? Those darn silly people who get dumped just don't know when to give up. I would be furious if an ex showed up at the man's house I was visiting. This woman has some nerve. Now it's up to Shane to set her straight if he wants any chance with Lucy. Shane and Lucy will each have to examine their heart and see where God leads them. It's a great story about new beginnings and letting go of the past.

The Midwife's Dream by Kelly Irvin

Iris is a very gifted midwife. She loves what she does, but at times it is hard for her. She longs to have a child of her own but is waiting on God for the right time for it to happen. I love how excited she gets each time she helps bring a child into the world. Her smile is contagious and the parents are so comfortable with her there.

An unexpected delivery will   surprises Iris. The girl is a mere teenager and the young man with her is not much older. They are not Amish but Iris helps them because she knows God would want her to. I was shocked to learn that the teens had left their baby behind. Why would they do that? They have confidence that Iris will take care of their child until they are able  to provide for her. My first thought was how will Iris care for this precious child knowing that someday the parents could come back and claim her? This has to be put in God's hands for now until Iris can figure out what to do. The story is tenderhearted and explores how hard it is to give up something you love. I cried at the end because the author showed how God was there the whole time protecting the baby knowing what the outcome would be. Iris is a selfless person who has a heart filled with love and faith. You don't want to miss this story that will restore your faith in people.

At the end of each story the author's have provided  discussion questions. I encourage you to read them and answer them with an humble and true heart.

I received a copy of this book from the authors and The Fiction Guild.


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