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Monday, June 4, 2018


What a wonderful story that takes takes readers on a journey of discovery. Betsy is my favorite character because of her giving heart. She is a character that many can relate to due to her desire to have a child. Her husband Ty is a hard working man who makes a living by running the Franklin Dairy Farm. The farm reminds me of my granddad's farm I visited every summer. It was a lot of work for him but he was the happiest  when he was outdoors.

Jenna who is Betsy's sister made me a bit annoyed. She is a single mom with two adorable girls barely making ends meet. When she gets a chance to maybe change her life, she jumps at the oportuity. She leaves her two girls with Betsy and Ty saying she would be back in two weeks. The story centers around the sisters and the emotional struggles they face. I loved how the author used Ty as a strong husband and continually supported his wife. It's hard to say what someone would do if given an opportunity to change their life, but at what expense will it do to the children?

The longer Jenna stays away, the closer the children become to their aunt and uncle. Ty could sense the emotional state Betsy was starting to fall in to. Could you leave your children for a period of time in hopes of a better future?   There is no guarantee in life, so maybe Jenna had to risk everything to find happiness. I loved the tension the author built as a hurricane threatens Betsy and Ty's place. I have been through several; the last one being Hurricane Harvey. It did major damage to our land and we lost many things. It also made us realize how precious life is. I liked how the tension started rearing its ugly head between Betsy and Ty. When Ty say "I'm never going to be enough for you, am I?" , I cried. The aching in Betsy's heart for a child is consuming her. Is she starting to push her husband away?

Jenna is complicated at times. I questioned her decision but in a way I understood. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and pray that things will work out. The more I got to know Jenna, the more I could identify with her. Is it so wrong to want a better life for yourself? Will Jenna make the correct choice for her and her girls? The book is skillfully written with a beautiful and touching ending. The author has written a story that reflects on faith and family. I loved the characters and how easily the story flowed. I look forward to the next book from this author who writes with beauty and grace.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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