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**First Place Winner from CWW and CIAN in the 5000 words Contest; Speculative Fiction Division.**

First Officer Mimsy B'Groves never expected her life to be anything but ordinary. In the wake of a major disaster aboard The Corandria Station, Mimsy must solve the mystery surrounding the place she once called home. The planet below her now holds her only chance for answers - if she can survive without revealing her deepest secret. Can a lone, witty, sentient feline overcome the obstacles placed before her?

Carol E. Keen enjoys fresh coffee, hot tea, and a good book. She was published for several years in FAMA magazine (Freshwater And Marine Aquarium) as a contributing editor. She published her first book on CD, called Simply Seahorses. She now resides in Alabama with her husband and family and spends her time writing, reading, working in photography, and being with her much loved critters.

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Take a trip to another world with Mimzy and learn how what she thought was her worst problem was a blessing in disguise. #TheCorandira Station @carolkeenauthor


This was such a fun book to read with a cat as the main character. Mimsy  is intelligent and strangely alone on the ship. I loved how with a simple scan the injuries were found  on her and repaired. It can't be easy to walk around with a dislocated hip. I would be petrified if I found myself all alone on a ship in space. It was interesting to read the description of the ship and all the stations it had on board. Wouldn't it be exciting to explore all the different areas and look at the equipment? For Mimsy is isn't so much fun when you find yourself all alone and wonder where the crew is? 

The story is filled with fun little quips like, " Look what the cat drug in." I love the humor in the story and it certainly kept my attention.  As Mimsy goes to another planet in search of her crew, she finds herself having dreams that are starting to make sense. Being born with a deformity was hard for Mimsy. She wanted to be accepted by others so much, but it was hard for others to see her true beauty on the inside. How many of us have judged someone by their outward appearance?

The book is not very long, but it sure has a powerful message. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" as the saying goes. We tend to look at the outside and not the inside. We judge people because they look different from us but God wants us to treat everyone with love. Through this story the author packs a great lesson in treating others as we would like to be treated.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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