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Sunday, July 29, 2018


The author has a beautiful way of taking a story and bringing it full circle with a depth of emotions that you  feel in your heart.  I loved how the author allowed readers to experience what it is like to find your faith again and reach out for mercy and hope. Catherine is a great character who I think perhaps acted impulsive  when she decided to go to Florida. Her decision made, she gets on the bus timidly ready for her adventure.

I liked that the author had Elijah on the same bus as Catherine. I didn't think Catherine was thrilled with him being there, but his presence plays a big part in the story. I remember a few months back riding a bus that took me to a town three hours away. I was scared the whole trip because I  didn't know anyone. These thoughts kept running through my mind, "What if the bus crashes?"  What did I forget to bring with me? I left my faith behind and allowed the enemy to have a field day in  my mind.

I was alarmed at all the tragedies that Catherine and Elijah endured. The first one was enough to send me back home. When the next one hit, I was beside myself. The story takes on a theme of a roller coaster ride as two people try to find their way back to each other .Elijah's determination to not give up just gave me chills. I didn't like the lawyer in the story at all. He was a person who preys on other people's tragedies for money. It just reminds us how some people are selfish and only looking out for themselves.

 The story flows very well and blends two characters together as they find their purpose in life. They each travel to places that are not familiar but find hope along the way. The journey is filled with disappointment, hope, and above all mercy.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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