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Monday, July 30, 2018


I love an author who can intermingle the past and present with breathless ease. The book made me feel like I was time traveling and witnessing the 1900s and the escapades of revival and mystery layered deep in the roots of the people in the town. I can remember when I was younger going to tent revivals. My dad was a pastor so he was invited to speak at some. It was so hot under the tents and I always thought people were strange there. As a child I didn't understand what was going on and  I was always ready to run out of the revival and hide as soon as the shouting started. I can just imagine this same type of  atmosphere during this story.

Libby is quite a character. She works with her dad at the paper and discovers obits of people before their death. I call that creepy but intriguing. The author is a master at subtle hints and weaving stories within stories. She has the ability to jump from the past to the present with  precision while never missing a beat. It must have been hard to keep the two story lines flowing with intensity. I applaud her for her technique to achieve a high level of mystery that is like puzzle pieces fitting together to complete a picture.

Annalise is very different and I immediately was drawn to her. She has a dark secret that many don't know about. It has kept her away from God and she is riddled with guilt. I can relate to her because there was a time I was completely lost and knew my mistake would never be forgiven. Annalise will open doors that have been closed for many years. Will she find healing from her past? Garrett is a thorn in Annalise's side and has played a big part in her bitterness. Why has he come back to town? Will he help Annalise solve the mystery behind who is causing her to lose sleep? I feel that danger surrounds her and I was on the edge of my seat the deeper the story drew me in.

I loved learning about genealogy and how in depth the author took the past and present and started to connect the dots. It is not an easy task and very detailed records must be maintained to  prove who is related to who.  The story goes much deeper in mystery as characters past and present play detective. I loved how the two women each carried a deep secret that has caused them to feel guilty and ashamed for years. Secrets always come out and like a rushing wave, cause damage . I loved the theme of the book about sin and forgiveness. Christians tend to judge others but forget they are not perfect themselves. This is the author's best book yet.

"One may carry guilt and shame with them for years, only to discover that while they attempted to dodge God's judgment, they instead cheated themselves of His forgiveness."

I received a copy of this book from the author and Bethany House Publishing. The review is my own opinion.

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