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Monday, August 6, 2018


I love reading books in a series because you get to know the characters better. In this second installment we are introduced to Kiera. She is one fierce person. When she receives a mysterious call about her brother, she goes into full rescue mode. She doesn't believe what he is being accused of and sets out to find him.

Coop was one of my favorites from the first book and he is front and center in this story. Coop and Kiera don't see eye to eye on things and she sure knows how to hold her own with him. This makes for an intriguing relationship as they work together to stop the threat against Kiera's brother. I liked how Kiera is a bit unsure of Coop and wants to check him out first. I know if I went to the compound I would be overwhelmed.

The banter between Kiera and Coop is priceless. I love how they each act like they don't like each other, but readers we all know the truth. As they decide to work together and put their differences aside, the race in on to find Kiera's brother and stop a toxin from becoming a deadly weapon. I liked the information about chemicals and how they work. It shows that the author has done research which makes the story more realistic. This story also has a lot of computer technology that fascinated me. The internet is a vast of information but also has a layer of secrets hidden deep within the web. Can Coop help rescue Kiera's brother before it is to late? Who really stole the toxin that could get into the wrong hands?  It's a roller coaster ride as the team try to beat a deadline. Trust is a key component in the story and I liked how Kiera and Coop struggled with trusting each other. It is hard to trust someone that you don't really know. Will they learn to trust each other as well as God? Get ready for another bone chilling ending as the deadline draws near.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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