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Friday, August 17, 2018


Bitterness, stalking, and a neighbor to die for

What's a girl to do?

Trailed by a stalker in New York City, Willow Thomas, a young ad executive, scurries back to her small North Carolina hometown and the lake house where ten years earlier a scandal revealed her entire life had been a lie, and a seed of bitterness took root in her soul. The cocoon of safety Willow feels upon her arrival home soon unravels when she meets opposition from her family, faces the man she left behind, and the stalker reveals he is close on her heels. Can Willow learn to trust God to tear out her roots of resentment, reunite her family, ferret out a deadly stalker, and to rekindle the love she left behind?

About the Author:
Fay Lamb has always taken joy in forming words that tell stories that will enrich the lives of others. She tackles issues that she has had to face. She isn’t afraid of the hard issues and takes delight in weaving humor into the lives of her characters, even in the direst of circumstances.

Fay and her husband, Marc, reside in Titusville, Florida, where multi-generations of their families have lived. The legacy continues with their two married sons and six grandchildren.
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The story is non stop action and I enjoyed how the author kept readers on the edge of their seats. Willow is a complicated person. She comes from fame and money, but that sure doesn't guarantee a happy life. Willow has come back home to Amazing Grace to get away from someone who is stalking her. The author writes with a style that gives you characters that are complex but extremely intriguing. Buried deep inside Willow is a little girl who just wants to be accepted and loved.

I have always heard the saying, " You can never go home again." I have often thought that to be true since I had a horrible childhood. Willow left Amazing Grace a long time ago to escape all the bitterness, gossip and pain that could destroy her.  Will coming hone help her heal old wounds and let go of her distrust of everyone? I so much wanted Willow to give into her feelings and let God show her how to forgive.   When she sees her old boyfriend Quentin, you can feel the chill in the air. I would say there is some unfinished business between them.  Quentin has never forgotten Willow , but will she tear down those walls and let him in?

The danger Willow finds herself in escalates and Quentin has taken it upon himself to protect her. Willow is really stubborn but at some point she has to trust someone if she wants to stay alive. Who is trying to harm Willow? I had several suspects in mind and was not far off from my prediction. There is not much to say about her parents, except how awful it would feel to be abandoned because you may get in the way of fame for them. That part really bothered me and I understood her pain so well. Being rejected by your parents is the hardest thing to overcome. 

My favorite character hands down was Bear. He was this large as life person who would do anything to keep Willow safe. What happens when Willow finds out his true identity? Willow has a very dysfunctional family , and at times I couldn't keep up with who was good and who hated Willow. The  story does have many twists that kept me intrigued and I was very pleased with the ending. I loved the story because it shows what jealousy and bitterness can do to people. Forgiveness is something that many of us have a hard time giving to others. It destroys relationships and keeps us from the blessings of God.  As you read this book, let the message of unconditional love feel your soul and allow bitterness to be removed.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.