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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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About the Book

Beating Cancer coverBook: Beating Cancer: One Truth at a Time
Author: Marianne C. McDonough
Genre: Non-fiction, health and disease
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Like eagles soaring above a storm, cancer patients tackle an unpredictable disease. To navigate the turmoil, they must dispel the myths surrounding cancer, understand the facts, and determine how they want their journey to look. Armed with their convictions, they can create a path that achieves maximum health and gives them peace. Although support helps, ultimately, they must make their own decisions.
This book is about choices and the beliefs from which those choices emerge.
Beating Cancer One Truth at a Time encourages patients to:
  • Confront cultural myths about cancer
  • Clarify their own truths
  • Proactively plan treatment and prehab activities
  • Acquire positive and hopeful mindsets
  • Create a vision worth fighting for
  • Develop cancer smarts for survivorship
Designed for self-reflection and/or group discussion, Beating Cancer One Truth at a Time guides readers toward empowerment and freedom for a journey they never wanted but have to master.

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About the Author

MarianneJournalist and author of award-winning 8 Steps to Getting Real with Cancer, Marianne C. McDonough believes the way to beat cancer is one truth at a time. She tells patients, “This is your journey. You’re the best person to lead it.” A cancer survivor since 2012, Marianne wants patients to assess the hard questions cancer presents and discover their own truths. She understands patients are stressed, anxious, and exhausted. From her personal experience, she offers a straight-forward book that inspires hope. A Minnesota native, Marianne enjoys lake activities at her cabin with her family, musicals, baseball, bridge, dancing, and walking through the woods or a nearby park.

Guest Post from Marianne

Why did I write this book?
Because I’ve battled cancer, and I know what it’s like to face mortality, fall to my knees, and fight an enemy that has lodged itself in my own body.
Cancer changed me. I don’t know how anyone goes through it without changing. The initial sense of powerlessness is overwhelming. It challenged me to the core. I remember learning words, concepts, treatments, statistics, prognoses, and a myriad of data I had never even heard before.
I was tired and confused. But I was also angry with cancer and determined to beat it.
Right after I was diagnosed, trying to figure out what to do, I went to a class at my oncology center because I wanted to talk to other cancer patients. When I introduced myself and said I had just been diagnosed, the other patients said something I didn’t expect and can now affirm, “You’re going through the hardest part.”
They were right, and as a survivor for six years, I am writing what I wish I could have found during that initial period of cancer. I didn’t have time for long books or theoretical treatises, so I tried to find short, practical, quick-read books that would give me solid tips for the journey. And I wanted someone to encourage me in simple, no-nonsense terms that I even had a future. But I couldn’t find those books.
Most of all, I needed a gut-level confidence that cancer was not in charge of my life, because cancer lies to patients and pompously declares, “From now on I’ll make all your decisions about what you’re going to do, when, and for how long.”
Cancer thrives on myths, misconceptions, and fear. Our best weapons are counteracting truths based on reliable data, firm convictions based on faith, and hope based on clarity of vision.
My first book 8 Steps to Getting Real with Cancer was released in 2016 and won the Midwest Book Award in the health division. I geared that book towards patients and those who love them. This second book evolved because my oncologist suggested my approach would work well for support groups. Since 8 Steps was primarily narrative, I decided to write a second book that could be read or discussed, even journaled if desired. Imagining a one-on-one conversation with my readers, I focused more on cancer myths and specifically addressed patients, although family and friends can surely benefit as well.
Beating Cancer One Truth at a Time isn’t about me or my journey. It’s about patients finding their own truths in their own way to beat cancer on their own terms. The subtitle states the main premise of the book: what you believe determines your journey.
If you are a cancer patient and you are discovering this book today, please know that the fight is worth it. You can do this. Let’s believe together for a journey you can be proud of.


I am sure that everyone one of us knows someone going through or has been through cancer. It is not a fun subject to talk about, but it is important to  get the right information to help you through the journey. " Cancer is a bully that attempts to hijack us." What a profound statement. Cancer is a word that a few of my friends are fighting right now. What is the right thing to say to them? Do they have information that will help them? 

I found this book to be insightful and as the author says, "I will not sugarcoat it." When you get diagnosed with cancer, I'm sure the first thing you think about is what do I do? I love that the author is honest, understands about cancer and gives real answers and actions  to use to fight. The key is to not let cancer win, but to show it that you are ready to fight the battle. In the book she tackles myths about cancer and shares truths that help you have a positive outlook. 

At the end of each chapter is a place to choose one item you will do in the next day, week, month or long term. I found that to be a great idea and one that will help encourage you. I loved this statement the author said, "Anyone who has battled cancer at all is a winner for standing up against it." I admire those who are fighting right now, for they are not alone. There are people around who care and it is important to reach out  to family and friends for support.. Surround yourself with people who will fight with you, pray with you or just sit with you when you need it. 

The book is well written and gives people an opportunity to get real information from someone who had cancer and beat it. I love her encouragement and information she provides to help each person make their own choices without overloading them with stress. I am thankful that there are people like this author who is willing to share their story to help someone who faces the unknown. The best advice she gives is to fight, don't get stressed out and surround yourself with positive people who are there for you. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Would love to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us Marianne. this sounds like a great book for us to read