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Friday, September 27, 2019


Welcome back to another adventure in Normal Kentucky. This series is one of the best ever written. You can easily imagine the campgrounds as Mae oversees her business. Who wouldn't want to go there and be part of her group of friends? I have come to think of Mae as my friend and enjoy every story about her.

I loved the story of a wedding party visiting the campground. It was so fun to read about high society and Mae's past coming up to smack her in the face. What are the odds that she would know the father of the bride? Yes it is true that Mae once upon a time was in the middle of the influential people that made headlines just by appearing at a party.

The bride to be, Shay is a snobby rich girl that has her daddy wrapped around her finger. She is so spoiled that if she just snaps her finger, her daddy comes running to save the day. What I really liked was the business the family was in. Can you smell the coffee brewing as the story circles around a well know coffee company? Shay's daddy has made millions on his trade mark coffee. The plot thickens as the ownership of the famous coffee recipe comes into question. 

The characters in this story are very well written and make for a great read in this free for all adventure with a wedding that may or may not happen. When someone is murdered from the wedding party, it is chaos  at its best. Front and center is Mae as she tries to uncover secrets and find out who the killer is. I loved how the story had many surprises with suspects galore . There seems to be a bit of animosity between the bride and groom's family.  Greed and deceit is at the center of this well written story.

It was nice to get more background on Mae and how she came to be the owner of Happy Trails Campground. Getting a glimpse into her past puts in perspective how hard she has worked to start over. Hank is always there to try to keep Mae out of trouble. Oh my I don't think he knows just how much trouble he is in trying to rein Mae in. This has been a great story filled with mystery, great characters and as always Mae at her best side job of sleuthing .

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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