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Monday, March 16, 2020

The Builders reluctent bride

About the Book

Book:  The Builder’s Reluctant Bride
Author: Stacey Weeks
Genre:  Christian romance, women’s fiction
Release Date: July 8, 2016
The Builders reluctant bride coverHe wants a second chance. She says there’s no going back. Ten years ago, a public disgrace sent Jenna Jenkins running from her hometown. Now, the success of her professional future hinges on joining her hometown church restoration project. Her partner and team leader on the job is William Scott—expert renovator, volunteer fireman, and the ex-flame who ruined her life.  William is in crisis, facing the tightening screws of personal and professional failure. When the interior designer on the church renovation project turns out to be Jenna Jenkins, William sees it as a chance to make amends. But Jenna wants nothing to do with him.  How much will William sacrifice to redeem his mistakes and prove his love? Can Jenna protect her heart this time or will William break her for good?

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I enjoy reading books about second chances. We all make mistakes and hope that we can get another chance to make things better. I was quite intrigued by Jenna and her past. The author gives us a little bit at a time of her past which had me wanting to find out what had happened to cause her to stray from God. She is very successful, but coming back to her hometown will be a challenge for her. 
William is a very very gifted builder and has landed a project that hopefully will help get him out of financial trouble. I thought it was interesting that he and Jenna would work on the project together. There is a history between them that  I couldn’t wait to find out about. I loved the idea of renovating the building and all the work it entails  into to make it a beautiful place.  A reality show could be in the works for William if he can work with Jenna and somehow talk about their past. 
I loved the   message about fear and trusting God in the story. William is struggling with pride and can’t seem to reach Jenna. What he really needs to do is pray for her and let God take over. The emotions are strong in the story and I could feel the struggle both characters had about letting go and forgiving each other.  Sometimes we try so hard to fix things that we get in God’s way. It is a nice story that reminds us to forgive and trust God.
Love is always a risk, but worth taking.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

About the Author

stacey weeksStacey Weeks is the multi-award-winning author of Glorious Surrender (2016), and Chasing Holiness (2020), inspirational romances The Builder’s Reluctant Bride (2016), Mistletoe Melody (2018), Mistletoe Mission (2019), and inspirational romantic suspense novels In Too Deep (2017), and Fatal Homecoming (2019). Stacey lives in Ontario where she speaks at women’s conferences, teaches writing and bible study workshops, and writes about the things of the Lord.

More from Stacey

Afflicted but not Crushed
I created the character, Jenna, from The Builder’s Reluctant Bride, during a time of life filled with chaos. Changed ripped stability out from underneath me. I couldn’t tell if my challenges were from God deigned to build my faith or if they were a temptation from the enemy to doubt God. Life struck with a severity that stole the breath from my lungs, so I retreated into a fictional world to process. I needed to be reminded, like Jenna, that my current struggles didn’t negate the ways God was using me. I needed to remember that God would use everything in my life to shape me into His image and draw me closer to Him.
“I thought after his mom died, I had lost the both of them. Then, you came around.” The corners of his eyes crinkled.
“Me?” she squeaked.
“Yes. You changed everything for him. I know you left for college right after graduation, so you likely didn’t see the change. But God took that seed you planted in my son and grew this man.” He gestured to William, who stood with his fire jacket off and held a dog while it licked his soot-covered face. “This man of God.” Carmen looked squarely into her eyes. “I am indebted to you, Jenna.”
She squirmed at his unquestionable sincerity. She didn’t deserve his praise for directing his son to faith, the same faith that later let her down in every conceivable way.
When life’s chaos hit Jenna, it caused her to question her faith and question God’s goodness. It took her time to sift through the mess and find the truth. God is good.
Never changing.
It might not feel good. You might want to give up. You might think there is no way for God to redeem your story, but Jenna would tell you that you would be wrong.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your book with us. I think we all enjoy hearing about new books we previously didn't know about. Also, thank you for the giveaway.