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Sunday, September 20, 2020

About the Book

Book: The Peacemaker
Author: Elisabeth Bennet
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: September 8, 2020
The Enneagram is an ancient personality typology using nine points within a circle to represent nine distinct personality types. This sixty-day devotional is for the Peacemaker, number 9 of the Enneagram personality types. This devotional will help Peacemakers, and those who love them, to better understand how God created them and how best to use their unique gifts to serve Him and love others. It features a full explanation of what the Enneagram is and how it benefits people, followed by a full description of what it means to be a 9, including their deadly sin, sloth, and their greatest strength, their gut feelings. Also covered are motivations, fears, childhood wounds, the lost message they long to hear, their deadly sin, and defense mechanisms, as well as common subtypes, wings, and where they are in the head/heart/gut triad. The sixty days are split into six 10-day topics that include uniqueness, weakness, strength, pain points, and how Peacemakers react in times of stress and growth.

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I have taken personality tests before when applying for a job. This book is similar to that test but has a more spiritual guide. I will admit at first I was very confused as to what the author was talking about. It seemed a little scientific and I was starting to lose interest in the book. However as I read on I began to understand better about  what enneagram was. I’m not quite sure where I fall in the chart but I did see bits that stood out to me. 

I like how the book is set up as a devotional which was easy to follow. The book was geared toward the Peacemaker and it gives great information and guidance  that directs us to God. Even if you aren’t a Peacemaker, there are still lots of tools we can all relate to. I liked the scriptures in the book and the detailed information for those who are Peacemakers. This devotional would best be used by going through it slowly since it is packed with research and scriptures to be studied. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

About the Author

Elisabeth Bennett first discovered the Enneagram in the summer of 2017 and immediately realized how life-changing this tool could be. She set out to absorb all she could about this ancient personality typology, including a twelve-week Enneagram Certification course taught by Beth McCord, who has studied the Enneagram for more than twenty-five years. Elisabeth started her own Enneagram Instagram account (@Enneagram.Life) in 2018, which has grown to more than 55,000 followers. Since becoming a certified Enneagram coach, Elisabeth has conducted more than one hundred one-on-one coaching sessions, focused on helping her clients find their type and apply the Enneagram to their lives for personal and spiritual growth. She has also conducted staff/team building sessions for businesses and high school students. She has lived in beautiful Washington State her entire life and now has the joy of raising her own children there with her husband, Peter.

Endorsement for The Peacemaker

“Elisabeth has written a delightful devotional full of important information for those who want to grow in their own self-awareness and relationship with Christ. I highly recommend reading this book so you can experience transformation on a much deeper level that will bring about the change you desire in life.” —Beth McCord,, author of 10 Enneagram books
“I have been craving a devotional that would not only strengthen my relationship with Christ, but also authentically ‘get me’ as an Enneagram four. This simply knocks that out of the water. I find that, as a four, it’s hard to conform and give in to a generic devotional, and this is anything but that. Beautifully constructed for my four heart.” —Audrey Bailey, artist, mental heatlh advocate, creator of Brush and Barley digital brand (@BrushandBarley)

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