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Friday, August 20, 2021


About the Book


Book:  Walking in Prophecy, Signs & Wonders

(Please note: This title has been from Call of the Watchmen to Walking in Prophecy, Signs & Wonders.)

Author: Glenda Jackson

Genre: RELIGION / Christianity/Pentecostal & Charismatic

Release date: August 10, 2021


God is prophetically speaking to us today while performing signs and wonders in the last days. These movements of the Spirit are a continuation of the signs, wonders, and other supernatural works God has done in the past to demonstrate His power and glory. Through miracle testimonies, faith-building teachings, and remarkable accounts from her personal family heritage—including  miracles in the life of noted healing evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter—Glenda Jackson shows how God can work powerfully in your life, bringing to pass what He has ordained for us and His purposes in the world. Discover what it means to be a prophetic watchman and a vessel for God’s glory in these momentous days before Christ’s return.


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About the Author

Glenda Underwood Jackson is a powerful prophetess and healing evangelist. She moves in signs, wonders, and miracles to glorify Jesus. Since 1974, Glenda has been a missionary evangelist. Her primary ministry focus for over thirty years was Native Americans, ministering to many tribes throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Glenda comes from a Church of God background. Her father, C. L. Underwood, was a healing evangelist who saw many great miracles in his services. Her great-aunt was Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844–1924), whom some considered to have had one of the most powerful evangelistic ministries of modern times.

On December 29, 2007, on her birthday, Glenda had a powerful angelic visitation from the Lord in which she was told that doors would open to her to major ministries throughout the United States. Since then, doors have swung wide open to her ministry. Glenda has ministered at several Fire conferences for evangelist Benny Hinn, at King Jesus International Ministry with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, and at the World Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. She has also appeared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Glenda has ministered in numerous churches, conferences, and camp meetings in the United States, Europe, and Africa. Her ministry is marked by her accurate prophetic words. Glenda often says in her response to her ministry, “I’m nothing; it’s all God.”


I have found that books that talk about prophecy are sometimes hard to decider. I certainly don’t know what God speaks to anyone so when I hear a prophecy I ask God to prepare my heart. I am always careful when someone speaks about prophecy but I want to be sure that it lines up with the Word of God. 

The author does talk about seeing deaf people healed and other miracles that she has witnessed . She does give credit to God for these things but I have to be cautious that the author isn’t sensationalizing miracles. I do like that she says the church has to have super natural faith. We need to have the  kind of faith that believes that God can heal, restore marriages and see people rise up and walk in peace. 

I did like the family history and how God used members of her family to preach the Word and see miracles happen. She has a very good heritage of people that God used to spread His Word. The book does talk a lot about her family and how God used them. Some people have a hard time with prophecy but it is in the Bible. God does warn us though that there will be false prophets so always guard your heart when someone prophecies. I remember the first time I heard a church member member stand up and prophecy. It scared me a little because I hadn’t been raised in a church where prophecy was ever spoken. I have come to understand it now and always rely on God to help me discern what is being said. 

The book does talk a lot about what her family has done in ministry and their walk with Jesus. I appreciate her sharing a subject that is not always well received. Her stories are encouraging at times and I like that she is not afraid to let the world know how God has given her the gift of prophecy. With a topic such as this book addresses I leave it up to readers to discern for themselves what their belief is about signs and wonders.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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God is prophetically speaking to us as He works signs and wonders in these end times. Discover what it means to be a prophetic watchman and a vessel for God’s glory in these momentous days before Christ’s return.

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