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Saturday, September 4, 2021


Save the Date

About the Book

Book: Save the Date

Author: Hallee Bridgeman  (Author), Kari Trumbo  (Author), T.K. Chapin  (Author), Chautona Havig  (Author), Shoshanna Gabriel  (Author), Dori Harrell (Author), Liwen Y. Ho  (Author), Lisa M. Prysock (Author), Camy Tang  (Author), Jan Thompson  (Author), Marion Ueckermann  (Author), Jaycee Weaver  (Author)

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Release date: October 12, 2021

Save the Date coverWeddings for every season and occasion. Adventures, mishaps, and dream destinations—this collection has it all!
As our guest of honor, you’re cordially invited on a journey through twelve heartwarming and inspirational novellas that will take you from small-town America to romantic Paris, from the sunny shores of Hawaii to New Zealand. Office romances, friends-to-lovers, second chances, and more await you in these stories full of forgiveness, redemption, laughter, and love.
Say “I do” and claim your copy of this limited-time anthology by your favorite USA Today and bestselling Christian romance authors!
January Hope by Kari Trumbo
Clothing historian Cleo goes on the hunt for an 1880s fashion magazine wedding dress. Discovering it’s part of a museum collection, her biggest obstacle is handsome curator Lowel. Unfortunately, his no-touch policy just might put a stop to her hunt and her heart.
A Valentine for Veronica by Lisa Prysock
Veronica purchased her dream wedding dress though she’s single. When an encounter with a former peer—now a wedding magazine photojournalist—entices her into doing a special feature, the pressure is on to find a husband. Will Veronica’s pride be her downfall, or will her faith lead to love?
I Take You by Marion Ueckermann
Since childhood, Kaia has dreamed about her fairy-tale wedding. But when her father’s choices crush Kaia’s dreams, her fiancé is left scrambling for a solution to their dilemma. Kaia doesn’t want to delay their wedding, and neither does Leo. He’s waited a lifetime to make Kaia his wife.
Adoring April by Chautona Havig
Whoever heard of a church expecting an incoming minister to marry their only single member as a condition for employment? Legality aside, what kind of woman would possibly agree to such a crazy idea? What’ll it take for Jesse to go from avoiding April to adoring April?
A Change of a Dress by Hallee Bridgeman
Belle struggles to bury the past and grasp her elusive future. Scarred by an incredible act of heroism, combat veteran Vince longs to courageously walk the road less traveled as an army chaplain. The two unknowingly cross paths time and again until meeting changes everything.
Time for Me by Jan Thompson
When Sheryl tries to get a world-famous sculptor to display his artwork in her gallery, she doesn’t expect him to fall in love with her in this friends-to-more romance.
The Wedding Dress by T. K. Chapin
Alexa Anderson doesn’t want to wear her mother’s wedding dress when it’s time to marry the love of her life, Brad Jackson. Little does she know, the wedding dress has a story of its own to tell…
The Wedding Kimono by Camy Tang
A tomboy massage therapist and her boss discover a mysterious message hidden in her grandmother’s wedding kimono. Can her family legacy help her to see her inner beauty and open herself up to love?
One Vow for September by Liwen Ho
She’s a writer with an unconventional assignment, he’s the jaded coworker playing her husband; together they’re one odd couple about to find out how real love is.
Braver with You by Jaycee Weaver
She’d follow her childhood sweetheart anywhere, but first they’ll need all her courage and all his support to make it through the wedding their mothers have planned.
Grateful for You by Dori Harrell
Jeans-only Libby hasn’t spoken to lawman Jamie since she turned down his proposal. But when she sees a frothy gown in a store window, she knows he’s the guy for her. But winning him back might mean landing herself in jail.
Countdown to Her Cowboy’s Christmas Wedding by Shoshanna Gabriel
A handsome rancher. The girl next door. A childhood promise comes due that could change their lives… for better or worse. When their Christmas wedding preparations bring out painful memories of heartbreak, will Kate be able to forgive Jay—and herself—so they can finally be together?


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About the Authors

The authors of Save the Date joined together for this limited-time collection as an opportunity to bring their readers an excellent reading experience. From California to Kentucky, South Africa to Idaho and everywhere in between, these authors live and write the stories on their hearts to touch the hearts of their readers.


More from Chautona

Why One Epic Wedding Set Is about More Than “Just” Romance

“Oh, they say when you marry in June… you’re a bride all your life…”

When my kids were little, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was a favorite movie, although they used to call it “Dah-dah-dump-dum.” If you’ve never heard “Goin’ Courtin’” then that won’t make sense, but what can I say? Kids. Considering I had seven daughters, it’s no wonder that my kids loved that song sung by girls wearing pantaloons and camisoles the most. My boys never seemed to get that they were watching girls dancing around in their underwear. Much to my relief.

But you know, I’m a desert rat and not a fan of June weddings. Summer weddings are… HOT. I love outdoor weddings and receptions, and they’re miserable here in June, July, August, May… September… To be fair, there are maybe six whole weeks of the entire year that wouldn’t be—too hot, too cold, or just blasting with wind.

The authors of Save the Date all chose their months for different reasons. December, June, and February were obvious favorite choices, but I had three options that called to me. Either April, May, or June. Why? Well, my book title. I needed a woman’s name!

In this collection, you’ll find a couple of marriages of convenience, a friends-to-more, a destination wedding… you name it, we’ve got it. Each author has a meaningful story around the wedding dress, and through the course of each one, we have something especially beautiful.


I’m not speaking just of love between two characters. In sets like this, beautiful friendships are forged as we write, share, and celebrate. There’s a camaraderie that fills the group with every idea, every milestone, and every frustration.

You’ll also witness one more kind of love—love of craft. See, authors do the long, hard, sometimes tedious work of writing for a reason. We love the creation of characters, settings, and stories that weave all three into a picture that stirs the heart and feeds the soul. You could argue that they are a cheap imitation of the stories God writes on our lives, but because they are an offering to the Lord, they are also beautiful, rich, and a “sweet savor,” or so we hope.

We pray you’ll enjoy your time among the brides of Save the Date. We hope you’ll be blessed.


January Hope by Kari Trumbo

This is a wonderful story of Cleo who has an eye for historical was sad that she had locked herself away and mostly just worked, went home to sew and attend church every Sunday and Wednesday. The dress she sees in a magazine sounded exquisite and I wanted to try it on myself. When Lowell enters her life, he was a breath of fresh air. I loved his patience with Cleo and how he wanted to help her come out of her shell. 

I really enjoyed getting to know them better and following them as they start to develop a friendship. The author does a great job of giving us characters that are relatable and east to like. Just when Cleo needed it most, God brought someone into her life to have her overcome her fear and be more confident.

One Vow For September by Liwen Ho

Oh my is this a fun story to read. Two people who really don’t get along find themselves working together on a story that changes them forever. I loved the idea of these two characters pretending to be married in order to do research for their assignment. The author does a great job of scattering faith elements throughout the story as these two maneuver through a series of laugh out loud situations. 

I loved the lighthearted feel of the story and how the characters become friends. The concept of renewing your wedding vows does take on a feel of getting married as these two find out. I enjoyed following them as they went to the vendors to taste test wedding cakes,  but my favorite was when they went to the jewelers. This part is where I really saw how two people can find happiness if they listen to their heart and follow God. It’s a great story filled with trust and finding true love.

Braver With You by Jaycee Weaver

While this story is about a wedding it is also about being strong and trusting God. Ashlyn  and Conrad are preparing for their big day while trying to deal with a mother who likes to be in control of everything. There is a back story that made me understand Ashlyn’s mother better. After a tragedy years ago, Ashlyn and her mother are still trying to overcome their pain. 

I liked how supportive  and encouraging Conrad is as they get closer to the wedding. He knows Ashlyn’s mother is demanding but with his faith he is able to give her grace. The story is emotional at times and I so wanted Ashlyn to face her past. Her breakthrough comes as they are in pre marital counseling. Living with guilt has caused Ashlyn to be afraid to speak up.  I loved how the author uses this story to illustrate how  to trust God and let go of the past. The beautiful example of forgiving is well represented as two families join together to heal from the past and celebrate the wedding of two faith filled people. 

Countdown To Her Cowboy’s Christmas Wedding by Shoshanna Gabriel 

Oh this story made  me cry so much. It is a real look at two people who have known each other forever. Kate and Jay have been best friends forever. They get along and help each other out. It was fun to read about Kate’s chickens and how much she enjoyed caring for them. Jay is always around to help her with things and I think sometimes Kate may be taking Jay for granted. 

When one thing leads  to another, they decide to get married but little does Jay know that Kate has kept a secret since high school. Little by little that secret begins to bother Kate. How can she marry her best friend knowing that she has not forgiven him for something that happened between them? It is easy for some of us to bury our hurt and never deal with it. God forgives us but we don’t always forgive each other.

The author delivers a great story about forgiveness and being honest with each other. Kate and Jay must deal with the past before they can become one. The emotions are realistic as Kate faces the truth about something she has kept buried for so long. Their love will be tested as the story tackles a sensitive subject for some. I loved the ending and how the author uses this story to show how forgiveness frees us from pride and bitterness

I only received four of the stories but I look forward to purchasing The whole set so I read  the other stories and review them. I enjoyed the ones I read and found a great message in each one of them. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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