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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


Shackled (1)

About the Book

Book: Shackled

Author: Mariam Ibraheem

Genre: Religion/Inspirational

Release date: March 8, 2022

9781641238199Sentenced to Death for Her Beliefs 

Mariam Ibraheem was finally rising above her difficult childhood and building a new life for herself. Born to a Muslim father and an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian mother, she grew up in poverty in a refugee camp in Sudan. Her father left the family when she was only six, and her mother raised her in the Christian faith. Left without family after the deaths of her beloved mother and sister, she was beginning to move past her grief—earning a medical degree, marrying the man she loved, and having a baby boy.

But one day in late 2013, her world was shattered when an unknown relative on her father’s side reported her to the police. The authorities insisted she was Muslim because of her father’s background. She had broken the law by marrying a Christian man, and she must renounce her Christian beliefs and abandon her marriage and her son. Under intense pressure, Mariam repeatedly refused to deny her faith. She was charged with apostasy and adultery, and she was imprisoned with her nine-month-old, Martin, on Christmas Eve. There, awaiting sentence, she learned she was pregnant with her second child. A few months later, Mariam was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging by a Sharia court.

Shackled is the stunning true story of a courageous young mother who was willing to face death rather than deny her Christian faith. Mariam Ibraheem took a stand on behalf of all people who suffer from religious persecution and all women who are maltreated because of their gender and beliefs.

Follow Mariam’s story from refugee camp to life under Islamic law, through imprisonment and childbirth while shackled, to her remarkable escape from death following an international outcry and advocacy involving diplomats, journalists, religious freedom activists, human rights groups, and even Pope Francis.


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About the Author

IbraheemIn 2014, Mariam Ibraheem of Sudan was sentenced by a Sharia court to 100 lashes for adultery because she had married a Christian man, and death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith and follow Islam. Mariam was imprisoned with her young son while she was pregnant with her second child, a daughter, to whom she gave birth while still shackled in the prison. After an international outcry, Mariam was eventually freed through the help of Pope Francis, the United States, Italy, and the embassies of various other governments. Today, Mariam advocates on behalf of others who are victims of religious persecution and also for women who suffer from the personal prison of abuse. She is the cofounder and director of global mobilization for the Tahrir Alnisa (“Setting Women Free”) Foundation, which serves women and children impacted by domestic abuse and religious-motivated violence. She also serves on the board of directors for Anti-Trafficking International.

Eugene Bach is a pseudonym for a member of the Chinese underground church who, for security reasons, does not wish to be identified. He has been working with the underground church in China for twenty years, helping them to establish forward missions bases in closed countries around the world, including Iraq and Syria. Eugene leads the Chinese missions movement Back to Jerusalem, which provides essential support for Chinese missionaries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and he has written books about the underground church in China, North Korea, and Iran. His books with Whitaker House include China and End-Time ProphecyI Stand with ChristISIS: The Heart of TerrorKidnapped by a CultLeaving BuddhaSmuggling Light; and The Underground Church.


More from Mariam

Shackled is the stunning true story of a courageous young mother whose plight led to international outcry on her behalf. Mariam Ibraheem was willing to face death rather than deny her Christian faith, taking a stand on behalf of all people who suffer from religious persecution and all women who are maltreated because of their gender and beliefs.


I don’t know very much about Islamic religion but this book opened my eyes to some of their customs and beliefs. Mariam’s story is not fun to read but is informative and dares to challenge us. Would we deny Christ in order to save ourselves? It is easy  to say we would, but in that moment of terror would we have the courage  to say “I am a Christian and I believe in God? 

Mariam’s  childhood was not easy at all. Being a little child and having to get water from a well and carry it back to her tent  was tiring and emotionally  draining. Her father was so volatile and a danger to his entire family. I understand that Mariam’s  mother wanted to submit to her husband but at some point she needed to take a stand before someone was killed. I couldn’t read some of the torture that Mariam’s  mother endured because it sickened me. How could a person not be punished for his abuse of his wife? I will never understand this religion and it is hard to read how the people are treated at times who do not obey. 

Mariam details the many challenges she faced as she proclaimed she was a Christian. It was sad to read about people she loved who had died. At some point she felt alone except she knew that God was there with her. The story is graphic in places but does help readers understand what Mariam and others like her go through when they proclaim to be Christians. Being in prison, beaten and starved she never gave up because she trusted God to rescue her.The sentence delivered to her in court was beyond anything I could believe. Mariam in all that was going on around her still stood firm that she was a Christian.

This is one story that I think everyone should read. It exposes the danger that people face in other countries as well as the threat in our own country. Satan is out there waiting  to devour us, but God is there to overcome the world. It is also a story of faith, strength and a woman who declared that “Jesus is Lord” in front of those who wanted to harm her. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review of Shackled, it sounds like a powerful story, a must read for me