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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

About the Book

Book: The Sugar Baron’s Governess

Author: Elva Cobb Martin

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: August 23, 2022

She needs a new start…He knows a reckoning is coming.

Banished from Charleston for his misdeeds years earlier, Joshua Becket built a new life on both sides of the law in Jamaica. As sugar plantation owner and member of the governing British Assembly, he’s known and respected on the island. But he guards a secret identity. As swashbuckling Captain Jay, he leads daredevil privateering exploits on his ship, the Eagle, when the mood suits him. Currently, he needs a governess for his young daughter whose mother has passed.

Widowed gentlewoman Abigail Welch accepted the governess position, leaving behind her disintegrated life in Charleston. This new start in Jamaica might finally help her find healing for her broken heart after losing her husband in the Revolution and their infant son to yellow fever.

Joshua’s precocious, undisciplined daughter is the drawing card that brings him and Abigail together like clashing cymbals of disagreement…and fiery attraction. Can love and the miracle power of God give them a new beginning and a happily ever after?


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About the Author

Elva Cobb Martin is a wife, mother, and grandmother who lives in South Carolina with her husband and a mini-dachshund. A life-long student of history, her favorite city, Charleston, inspires her stories of romance and adventure. Her love of writing grew out of a desire to share exciting stories of courageous characters and communicate truths of the Christian faith to bring hope and encouragement. Connect with her on her web site at .

More from Elva

I had an amazing thing happen when first beginning The Sugar Baron’s Governess. My precious husband had booked a week for us in a comfortable condo at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to help me concentrate on my plotstorming—without the “do me” call of our vacuum, washing machine, or phone calls when at home. Of course, he likes to fish from a pier while I’m writing.


The first morning I sat at the kitchen table overlooking the Atlantic, with my laptop, researching Jamaica and especially the historic Maroon settlement of warriors and escaped slaves in the mountains that could play a part in my story. I was also praying for the Lord to help get a good start on this fourth novel in my series. Should I even be including the fierce Maroons in my plot?


A knock came at the door. I had requested no room service, so I was surprised to be interrupted. When I answered it, a black male employee asked if we needed any cleaning done or fresh linens. I almost gave him a short answer, wanting to get back to my laptop, but my ear discerned a British accent. –Here’s our amazing conversation:


“Where are you from?”




I opened the door wide and invited him in. “That’s most interesting. I’m writing a novel set in Jamaica.”


His eyes widened. “You are?”


“Yes, in fact,” I gestured to my laptop, “I’m right now researching a group of warriors in historic Jamaica, called the Maroons. Know anything about them?”


His mouth fell open. “I’m a descendant of the Maroons.”


I got a tingling chill up my arm. How likely was this kind of thing to happen? He further told me he never worked the 15th floor but for whatever reason, had been assigned our floor that day. He told me was a Christian, and he shared several things with me about the Maroons and how they finally won their independence and rights the British government of Jamaica had long withheld. At times, because of their desperate existence, they did hurtle down from their mountain strongholds and burn sugar plantations, as history records.


I decided I had a definite confirmation to include the Maroon warriors in my Jamaican story. They are instrumental in convincing my hero Joshua Becket to turn back to God when his life and plantation are sorely threatened. Whoops, there I go giving away some of the story! Hope you enjoy Joshua and Abigail’s exciting, romantic adventure in Jamaica. Can they survive and make it back to Charleston and a happily ever after?


This is a delightful story with secrets, adventure and healing. I loved the setting and enjoyed learning about the sugar plantation. It must be hard work to keep the crops healthy and profitable. I love when an author gives  us a glimpse into the lives of the characters with vivid words that  help readers imagine  what it may be like during the time period the story is based on.The author gives us a look at Jamaica added with historical facts which captivated me. 

Reading the beginning pages quickly turned my full attention to our leading lady.  Relying on the men on the ship Abigail is on she has set  her sights for a new beginning. Going to Jamaica as a governess gives her hope and opens the doors for new adventure. I was hesitant to think everything would go well for her when her ship is overtaken by men who meant to do harm. Her faith is steadfast throughout the story and is bold when sharing with Joshua. 

Joshua is a man of mystery and seems to be hiding a secret identity. His rescue of Abigail was tense and I was so glad he was there to save  her . Now he just needs to explain why he was out there on the waters as a privateer. The moment he and Abagail meet at his plantation was strained  at first. He did seem abrupt with her and his stared his rules for watching his daughter Jade  with a tinge of harness. I was intrigued to see what secrets each one was hiding and how it would  affect their relationship with each other.

Some of the content of the  story was difficult to read as Abagail comes upon a man who is beating a young slave girl. I admire her for defending the young girl and reprimanding the man. The question is how will Joshua react to this encounter?  I liked the way Abagail directed her concerns to Joshua and  how he listened to her. I think this opened the  door for both of them to share about their past. A very important scripture is shared that we all need to be reminded of. “The thief does not come but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that it may be more abundantly.” We may go through trials and not understand why but, “what we do with our future is more important than living in and regretting the past.”

This has been an adventure where Joshua faces grave danger and we see how God works to protect His people. I loved the scene where Joshua decided that he needs to make things right with God. With forgiveness felt by Joshua the story shows how our past does not  have to define our future. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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