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Thursday, September 1, 2022


Far From Home Kick-Off Package

About the Book

Book: Far From Home

Author: Mabel Ninan

Genre: Christian / Non-Fiction / Spiritual Growth

Release date: July 12, 2022

What is my purpose? Why do I exist? A sense of self and belonging are two questions many of us struggle to answer.

And what if you are a foreigner in another land?

How does one adjust to a new culture? Discover their place in a new society?

For Mabel Ninan, born and raised in India and an immigrant in America shortly after marriage, the search for those answers sent her on a journey that led to an unexpected and exciting discovery.

God revealed she was not only an earthly immigrant but also a spiritual one, created with a unique calling to impact His kingdom. Mabel’s renewed perspective imbued her with joy and hope, urging her to share the message with others.

Drawing from her personal experiences and by examining the lives of biblical heroes, Mabel sheds light on what it means to live as a citizen of Heaven on earth. Far from Home will inspire you to:

  • Embrace your identity as a foreigner on earth.
  • Make your home with God.
  • Find community and common purpose with fellow sojourners.

Explore the intersection between culture, identity, and faith in this new release from an earthly immigrant who gained a spiritual perspective.


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About the Author

Born and raised in the minority Christian community in India, Mabel moved to the US in 2008 shortly after getting married. In nearly thirteen years of her marriage, her family has called ten different places across two continents and seven cities home. The challenges Mabel faced as an immigrant on the move led to a spiritual crisis that drew her nearer to God’s side where she learned valuable lessons about how to live as a citizen of heaven. Her mission is to inspire believers to embrace their pilgrim journey on earth and boldly pursue their heavenly calling.

A contributor to Guideposts’ All God’s Creatures: Daily Devotions for Animal Lovers 2022, Mabel’s writings have appeared in The Upper Room,, Leading Hearts Magazine, and (in) She hosts a YouTube podcast called Immigrant Faith Stories where she shares testimonies of immigrants, refugees, missionaries, and cross-cultural ministry leaders. She has been serving in various roles in women’s ministry for almost a decade.

Mabel enjoys reading, traveling, and dancing, but nothing gives her more joy than having conversations about the Bible.

Mabel is pursuing M.A. in Theological Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She lives with her husband, son, and Maltese pup in Northern California.


More from Mabel

When the idea of this book was birthed in 2018, I wanted to publish a collection of letters to my son. I wanted to keep a record of God’s faithfulness to me in a foreign country. How He became my all in all when I had nobody to call my own. How He gave me His all when I was empty. I hoped my stories and learnings would strengthen not only my son’s faith but also other immigrants like me. But God had a different plan for this book.

By 2019, the book underwent a complete change in its content and organization. It also targeted a different group of readers. I wrote for those who were coping with changes, those who wanted a deeper walk with God, those who found it difficult to belong or cling to hope in the midst of suffering, and those who were tired of going through the motions. My agent and I replaced the title of the book from This is not Home to Far from Home.

After facing rejecting from almost eight publishers, Far from Home found its home in Harambee Press, an imprint of Iron Stream Media that publishes ethnic writers. I was thrilled!

Far from Home is a nonfiction book but it is also part memoir. I’ve described what life was like growing up in India and I also recount a few experiences as an immigrant in the U.S. What makes Far from Home unique is also that the book introduces the reader to another culture, the Indian/South Asian culture. Some parts of the book read like a devotional while others are rich in biblical character studies and teaching.

Overall, I feel the book reflects who I am—an Indian, an America, an Indian-American, a storyteller, an immigrant, and a Bible teacher—though that was not my aim. I find it fascinating that I could be myself and tell my stories and use all aspects of my identity to declare the goodness and greatness of God.

There is a need for more diversity in our stories. I’m not saying this because diversity is the new buzz world these days. We need diverse voices and ways of worship because they reveal God’s power, beauty, and creativity. Testimonies from other cultures can open our eyes to a new way of experiencing God and His Word. They engage our brains and touch our hearts in a unique way. Reading books by diverse authors can enlarge our capacity for empathy, push back our defenses, and even turn our fear of the unknown into appreciation.

I hope my writing helps you see God from a different lens, a different angle. I hope it makes you want to read books by authors from varied cultures, races, and ethnicities.

And my desire, more than anything else, is that Far from Home convinces you that you’re never really far from home. In the triune God, you always have a home here on earth while you await a better one in heaven. A home that will be shared with people from all nations, tongues, and tribes.


I like  the honest and openness of the author as she journals her experience coming from India to the United States. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have this sense of not belonging as you step off into a foreign world. Everything you once felt secure around has changed and you suddenly feel alone   in a crowd. The uneasiness of being taken from what you have always known to a life where rules, culture and atmosphere are different can be fearful at times. The author intrigued me and I was anxious to see how she would maneuver her new home. 

I think one of the hardest things to adjust to for the author was not being surrounded by family. They had big dinners, celebrated holidays together and could count on each other during times of illness. Now alone in a little apartment with only her husband she feels lonely. Looking for a way to belong in the new place she has moved to, her identity felt lost. Who was she and how would she fit in? The author opens my eyes to the struggle of moving to a foreign place where you are considered minority. There are times throughout her journey when facing simple things we take for granted become difficult. 

I learned how easy we take things for granted as I read this book. We don’t realize how blessed we are to be able to get a driver’s license or even apply for a job without little effort. Trying to do things on her own, the author experienced this emptiness inside. Where was her relationship with God? Why wasn’t she turning to Him inside of running away from Him? 

I loved the Biblical stories she shared such as Job. Job is a great illustration of having everything taken away yet he still praised God. What do we do when we are facing change or a trial? I admire Joseph as he was wrongly accused of something, God was there with him. As Joseph continued to stand firm, God made his life whole again. The author uses these references to show how she endured her battle of change, loneliness and to be content with her new life. 

I like the questions and prayer at the end of each chapter. Getting  to know the Indian culture was interesting and shows how important faith and family is to the author. It was easy to relate to the author as we all have faced being judged by our looks, personality or religion. It is hard to overcome the hateful words or the bullying that some may face, but if we keep out focus on God He will calm us. 

Finding and connecting with people who are like mined helped the author to start to feel like she accepted. Through her journey her faith grew stronger . She does  give details about finding a  church where she and her husband felt comfortable. Even within her own culture she found those that didn’t accept her. I love how she perseveres and is able to tell her story. The story is encouraging, emotional and gives hope to those who  struggle with feeling welcomed. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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To celebrate her tour, Mabel is giving away the grand prize package of a Paperback copy of book, customized notepad and bookmark (these eco-friendly products made by rural artisans in India help sustain endangered art forms and secure livelihoods), access to digital resources (recipe booklet, teaching videos, and audio prayers), and a $30 Amazon gift card!!

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