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Friday, September 16, 2022

About the Book

Book: Lost in the System

Author: Nancy Jo Wilson

Genre: Christian Science Fiction

Release date: September 7, 2021

Jaded, 24th century grifter Smullian O’Toole has been sentenced to 1000 days of Life Modification Therapy. All is well until the glitch.

Smullian enjoys serving his prison term. Other than the daily upchucking, Life Modification Therapy is the sweetest sentence 24th century Earth offers. The system biotransposes his essence into a different 21st century person daily, whereas his body stays in the future. The therapy rehabilitates felons by teaching them the value of honest labor. On day 777, Smullian hears a disembodied voice utter, “Father to the Fatherless.” Thus, begins the mother of all system glitches that shatters Life Mod rules and regulations.

Instead of following the usual program, the system thrusts Smullian into the case of David Hawthorne, a missing teenaged orphan. The case cuts a little too close to home for the grifter, who has been on his own since he was twelve. As Smullian bounces from host to host, he realizes the glitch shows purpose and design. Someone, maybe the Father to the Fatherless, controls the situation, not the technicians at Life Mod. This someone peels back the façade Smullian has placed between himself and the world. Against his will, he begins to care about the kid and his older sister, Lydia. Each new host forces him to confront his own inner demons—as well as pointing him to David.

What initially seems the clear-cut case of a runaway—grows more ominous with every clue. Smullian knows he’s not the hero type. But he’s all David has.


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About the Author

Nancy Jo Wilson wrote her first short story in second grade and continued writing throughout childhood. In high school, she wrote for the teen section of the local newspaper and received a writing scholarship from the state of Tennessee. After high school, she moved on to the college of her dreams—Florida State University. The dean who spoke at the college orientation encouraged students to major in what challenged them, not what came easily. So, she pursued science, majoring in Biology Education, as well as Theater electives. She came to regret the decision, because her first love was always the written word.

She returned to writing in her mid-thirties. Through mystery shopping reviews and online writing challenges, she sharpened her skills. Many times, she earned the distinction of editor’s choice on She published a few articles, but mainly focused on her blog, She wrote her first book Escape the Amoz, for her oldest son and published it through Kindle Direct. It won second place for science fiction in the 2009 Do it Write! competition. Lost in the System, her current book hit stores in fall 2021.

Now, she balances ministry, writing, and homeschooling. A Jacksonville, FL native, Nancy currently resides in Thomaston, GA with her husband, younger son, dog, and three cats.


More from Nancy

Street signs often inspire my character names. Not kidding. Drive through downtown Jacksonville, and you’ll see many of the names from my first novel spelled out on those green rectangles. When I drove past Smullian Trail, a handsome, charming, fast-talking character popped into my head. I immediately thought, “He’s mischievous.” 


Before long, I wondered what would happen if Smullian, who has no knowledge of Christianity, meets the holy God. What obstacles would Smullian have to overcome? How do you explain to someone who views love as a transaction that God is love? Lost in the System tackles the tough questions unbelievers ask about Christianity but wraps the heavy content in a fuzzy blanket of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor. Science fiction may be the core of this story, but mystery, romance, and redemption fill it out. 


I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


This book is a mixture of Science Fiction and reality as the  author introduces us to the main character. Smullian is being punished in a very unique way for his crime. What would it be like to be different people and experience their lives? Smullian faces one thousand days living as someone else and seeing how they go through their daily routine. I had to think what it would be like to not have a choice of who you could be and have to go back in time to relive someone’s experience whether it was good or bad. Thus begins our journey to see if Smullian will change. 

Although the story is brash at times there are some valuable lessons to glean from. Being a criminal has placed Smullian into situations where he now must learn what it is like to be humble, forgiving and teachable. As Smullian becomes different people he begins to get frustrated. He keeps hearing this voice that says, “I am the Father to the Fatherless.” I could feel his anger as he begins to question who the voice is. Smullian has had a  tough life and questions why “Father” didn’t rescue him when he was in need. Are these other people more important than him? He starts to unravel and I think this is where we all can relate. Our lives sometimes become unbearable with pain, trials, trauma etc. We begin to doubt there is a God, but we forget that “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” 

I really liked how the author begins to show Smullian that what he has done to people in the past has affected them in some  way. Now that he has been involved with finding a missing young boy, he starts to realize how important it is to have friends and believe in something. He is still not sure who this voice belongs to, but I can feel him start to soften his heart a little. “God’s word doesn’t say he prevents the bad stuff. It says He helps you through it.” 

One thing that really stands out to me is how we blame God yet we forget that the choices we make have consequences. We may not make good decisions but we need to remember that God is still with us. The book was interesting and really makes you think. I won’t share the ending but one thing is for certain, “Love is sacrifice.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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