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Monday, October 3, 2022

About the Book

Book: Forgotten Memories

Author: Penny Zeller

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: August 30, 2022

Some memories are best forgotten…

The Wyoming Territory is rife with lawlessness and disorder, something Annie Ledbetter and her parents discover when their wagon train is robbed. Seven years later, Annie settles into her lifelong dream as a teacher in the small town of Willow Falls. When she meets handsome rancher Caleb Eliason through a humorous misunderstanding, she is quickly drawn to his kind heart and charming smile.

Former outlaw Caleb Eliason embraces his chance at a fresh start. Gone are the days of robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains. When he falls in love with the new Willow Falls teacher, he doesn’t realize they’ve met before—under much different circumstances. When his past comes to light, will it put the growing love between them at risk?

Can forgiveness and redemption heal two broken hearts or will the past keep them from sharing a future?


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About the Author

Penny Zeller is known for her heartfelt stories of faith and her passion to impact lives for Christ through fiction. While she has had a love for writing since childhood, she began her adult writing career penning articles for national and regional publications on a wide variety of topics.

Today Penny is the author of over a dozen books. She is also a homeschool mom and a group fitness instructor. Her desire is to assist and nurture women into a closer relationship with Christ.

When Penny is not dreaming up new characters, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, and camping, hiking, canoeing, reading, running, gardening, and playing volleyball.

Penny is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency and loves to hear from her readers at her website,, her blog,, and on Facebook at


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The Inspiration Behind Forgotten Memories


I am often asked how I come up with ideas for my books.


Many different things inspire my plots. One inspiration comes from real-life stories. For instance, today our local librarian told me how her family homesteaded in our town in 1881. Of course, I had a million questions. I am also inspired by photographs, people-watching, and sometimes I will hear from readers about a story they’d like to read. I have often joked that I will need to be at least 102 to write down all the stories percolating in my mind.


The idea for Forgotten Memories came from reading about a mail-order bride named Eleanor. Eleanor answered an advertisement from a man named Louis, and after a time of written correspondence, they eventually made plans to marry. During the journey to meet her soon-to-be husband, Eleanor’s stagecoach was robbed. After obeying her request to hand Eleanor her trousseau, the robbers blew up the stagecoach and rode away with their loot.


When the time to be wed arrived, Louis recognized Eleanor immediately. Only later, when Eleanor and Louis were preparing to sign the marriage license, did Eleanor recognize him as the robber due to his voice and a discernable scar. Louis fled and rode off without a word, leaving Eleanor with a broken heart.


After reading Eleanor’s story, my imagination wandered and what-ifs filled my mind. What if something similar happened to a character who, years later, fell in love with a man who robbed her? What would happen when the truth was discovered? Was there any hope for a happily-ever-after?


Thus, Annie and Caleb’s story was born.


After finishing this book I had to collect my thoughts so I could let readers know how powerful this story is. I love the historical setting and liked how the author described it. My granddad traveled by wagon to homestead his place in the late 1800s. I can remember stories he told me about how hard the travel was and the difficult time he had going through terrain that was hard to maneuver. The author captures this part of the  story very well and I appreciate how she helped remind me of my granddad. I couldn’t wait to see where Annie’s journey would go so I anxiously dived into  the book. 

At the beginning of the book we witness Annie as a young girl traveling with her family hoping for a new beginning. It was hard for them to move but they packed up what they could and off they went with all their belonging in the wagon. Along the way the unthinkable happens. I loved how the author shows how Annie grows up but always keeps that day tucked away in her memories.

I loved Annie and how kind she was. Her devotion to teaching made me so happy. I loved how the author described the one  room school house and how the children loved being there. When she finds a family to stay with while teaching it seems she is content. Annie is starting to enjoy her teaching job and soon finds an admirer named Caleb. I’m sure this new relationship helped Annie start to feel more comfortable in the town and helped her start to become more independent away from her own family. It was nice that she would travel home on weekends when weather permitted. 

Caleb has a dark past that he hoped to never have to relive. Being adopted was a blessing for him and his new family is just what he needs to change  his life. The author does share his childhood and illustrates how much Caleb wanted to be accepted and be part of a family. It is pointed out in the story that it is not a coincidence that Annie and Caleb meet. Now I was intrigued.

Without going into much detail I loved the theme of forgiveness and second chances. What if we had not been given a second chance? I think about the things I have done in my life  and am thankful that my sins have been forgiven. Caleb has walked through sone hard trials but God showed him he was forgiven and now has changed into a man who now shares his faith with others. It was hard for Annie to forgive Caleb after she realized who he was. I liked how the  author didn’t rush Annie to forgive, but showed us how sometimes it is hard to forgive when the pain is too much. 

There is one other person in the story that I must mention. Caleb’s brother Cain was a mean and cruel person. He robbed, harmed and took advantage of others. He brought his young brother into this lifestyle thinking it was the best way to survive. Caleb holds bitterness towards Cain and hasn’t thought about him in years. When they meet up again, this to me was the most emotional part of the whole story. We can  remember that God forgave us, but when faced with having to forgive someone it becomes harder. Caleb wants to hold on to bitterness and finds it hard to believe his brother would ever change. What happens when they meet face to face years later ?  To find out, grab yourself a copy and experience the  promise that, “God will never leave us nor forsake us.”

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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    Penny Zeller

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  4. There are so many components to this story that I will enjoy—traveling by covered wagon, the one room schoolhouse, the redemption story, the romance, the secrets.

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  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of Forgotten Memories, this sounds like a must read for me and I am looking forward to it

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  6. Deana, Thank you for sharing your excellent review! Forgotten Memories sounds like a must read.

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