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Monday, January 2, 2023


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Shelley Shepard Gray
When carpenter Aden returns to Lancaster after twenty years away, bakeshop owner Rebecca is dismayed to find he’s still as handsome and kind as ever. He broke her heart when he left the community back then. Will a holiday emergency provide a second chance at love, this time forever?
BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER * USA Today Bestselling AuthorRachel J. Good
When a lonely widower with a sick daughter and a new cake decorator meet at the bakeshop, they discover they were once childhood playmates. But as each of them helps the other care for family, their neighborly kindness inspires a gift that only love could make possible . . .
THE CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE * USA Today Bestselling Author Loree Lough
A builder who never learned to read believes he must hide his fond feelings for a kind schoolteacher. But after they run into each other at the bakeshop, she offers to teach him—and as Christmas approaches, each of them learns a lesson about the great gift of love . . .


I could smell the baked goods as Rebecca worked at her shop. She has done well for herself and is content. Christmas is drawing near which means it is time for her to start prepping for her famous Christmas Cake. People order the famous cake starting in October just to make sure they  get one. I would love to have a taste of that cake as the author describes it so vividly. When Rebecca spots someone from her past she can’t believe her eyes. Aden is in town doing some remodeling work and is excited to see her again. Old memories for Rebecca surface as she remembers that Aden broke her heart. 

After twenty-five years Aden is hoping he can be forgiven by Rebecca. The story is a great look at pride as well. Rebecca has always made these special cakes all by herself. She doesn’t allow anyone to help her and takes great pleasure in seeing her cakes all lined up on Christmas Eve to picked up. This year turns out differently and Rebecca learns that it is okay to ask for help. Her cakes will always be special but she has to allow others to help her and share in the enjoyment of those special cakes. I liked how Aden stepped up and helped Rebecca which opened her eyes to see that he has changed over the years. The ending is sweet and Christmas cakes are enjoyed by all. 


Oh my was this a great and touching story. Lizzie is such a kind hearted person. She may be a bit clumsy but she would do anything  for anyone. I love how she found her way to Rebecca’s bakery shop and started working there. I loved how Rebecca was so patient with Lizzie and encouraged her to make her special cupcakes. My heart went out to Lizzie when she took over the care of her aunt. All alone she dies her best to work and  care for her aunt. 

Christian has his hands full with a young  daughter who is in the hospital getting ready for brain surgery. He tries to work and be with her as much  as possible. When he meets Lizzie there are a few sparks between them. When they discover they were childhood friends we watch them start to renew that special bond they have. Christian is such a nice  man and goes out of his way to take Lizzie  to work everyday along with her aunt. 

I loved the beautiful story of grace, kindness and helping others. The author writes a story that gave me tears as I witnessed two people who both have big hearts and are always looking out for others. It was a Christmas to remember as Lizzie and Christian grow closer and thank Hod for His blessings. 


I have to first thank the author for shining a light on a subject I find very important. There are many people who do not know how to read. The author illustrates how a young teacher is dedicated to helping those who never learned to read. It is never to late to start learning and Tessa shows Asher that reading even as an adult can be achieved. 

Tessa and her brother Noah are very protective of each other. Their father is not kind and there has been rumors that he use to beat his wife before  she passed away. I like how the author talks about domestic abuse in a gentle way and  shows that it can happen to anyone. I love how Noah is always watching after his sister and worries about her being around  their father. 

Asher begins to slowly have feelings for Tessa and is very upset when he notices  a bruise on her face one day. He contains his anger but is determined to be near Tessa as much as possible to keep her from harm. Their relationship  grows and I like how gently their feelings were shared by a sweet and innocent kiss. This story may be a trigger for sone with the mention of abuse, but it is important to note that we should not turn our back in those who need help. The ending  is very nice and I liked how Tessa found peace and security. 

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