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Saturday, January 7, 2023


FBI Special Agent Grace Billingsley tracks serial killers, using her skills as a psychiatrist and behavioral analyst to get dangerous people off the street and safely behind bars. But prison psychiatrist Sam Monroe knows that just because a killer is incarcerated doesn't mean they're not a threat. His own father, Peter, is a serial killer--in prison but certainly not out of Sam's life, as much as he wishes he was.

When bodies start showing up with Peter's MO, Sam and Grace are both called in to consult. They've met before--and though Grace thought they'd made a real connection, Sam ghosted her. They'll have to get past the awkwardness and mistrust to solve this case--especially because it's about to get personal.

USA Today bestselling author Lynette Eason doesn't give you time to catch your breath in this breakneck race to stop a serial killer.


What an amazing suspenseful book this is. The author definitely knows how to write an intense story with characters that grab your attention. I loved the two main characters and thought they worked very well together. Grace is a very intelligent woman who works as a behavioral analyst. Her job can be demanding and dangerous at times. I was impressed with her skills of recalling faces, and picking up clues at crime scenes. There is a serial killer on the loose and Grace is there to help catch the person before more women are killed. 

Sam is a prison psychiatrist and he sure has his hands full with the information he is told. I can see why his job is important though. With his knowledge he has the ability to talk to prisoners and see if there is something they are hiding. Sam also has quite the family history that would scare most relationships away. I can’t wait for readers to find out more about this part of Sam. He has tried to remove himself from this secret but it won’t go away. 

With a killer on  loose, Grace finds  herself teamed up with Sam to solve the crime. I loved the twists in the story and wondered at times if Grace would survive since she has caught the attention of the serial killer. The puzzles start coming together and the race is on to keep  one step ahead of the danger. There is a faith element in the story but it is light.  The ending is worthy of an award for best edge of your seat adrenaline rush take down the bad guy before he kills again scene. I loved that there is a hint for another book in this series. I will be anxiously awaiting it. 

I received a copy of this book from Revell Blogger Program. The review is my own opinion.


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