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Friday, July 28, 2023


Every Dog Has His Day Kick-Off Package

About the Book

Book: Every Dog Has His Day

Author: Janice Thompson

Genre: Christian Fiction / Cozy Mystery

Release Date: July, 2023

A Large Reward Is Offered for a Missing Dog

Kick back with your faithful companion and relax with a small-town mystery in book 5 of the Gone to the Dogs series.

Lone Star groomer, Isabel Fuentes, adopts a feisty rescued dachshund, and the two are inseparable. . .until Texans quarterback, Corey Wallis, announces a large reward for his missing female dachshund. Suddenly all of Houston are on the lookout for the MIA pooch that bares a strong resemblance to Isabel’s new pup. Isabel contacts Corey, but soon Ginger goes missing and Isabel is convinced Corey and his agent took her for a publicity stunt. Then there is a reporter who could be trying to manufacture a great story or a cameraman seeking the big reward. Can there be a happy ending for Ginger?


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About the Author

Janice Thompson, who lives in the Houston area, writes romantic comedies, cozy mysteries, nonfiction devotionals, and musical comedies for the stage. She is the mother of four daughters and nine feisty grandchildren. When she’s not writing books or taking care of foster dogs you’ll find her in the kitchen, baking up specialty cakes and cookies.

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The Story Behind the Story

For years now, I’ve been in the dog rescue business. I’ve fostered close to 50 dogs—some from the local shelter, some from an amazing dog rescue organization called My Chi and Me, and some directly from the streets of Houston.


About a year ago, (around the same time I set out to write Every Dog Has His Day) I was given a tiny red dachshund to foster. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I’m head-over-heels in love with dachshunds, especially red ones. I had a female red dachshund named Sasha who lived with me for 15 years. She passed away in 2017, just after my mom died.


When this tiny red doxie came to stay at my house last year, I was tempted to keep her. But I’ve already got three dogs of my own. So, she went to my grandchildren, who live about 30 minutes away.


Here’s the fun part: I got to name her. I gave her the name Ginger because of her color. (Interesting irony: I’m allergic to ginger. Can’t touch the stuff!)


Now that she’s been in the family a year or so, she’s become my favorite grand-dog. Ginger stays with me a lot—when the family is vacationing, when she needs to socialize with my dogs, and when I’m lonely for her.


I love this little girl. She’s an absolute doll. Okay, she’s naughty as can be, but she’s a doll.


So, when I got ready to write Every Dog Has His Day, I decided to include Ginger as part of the story. Trust me when I say the real Ginger is a runner, just like the fictionalized one! If I opened the front door, she would run right out. And, just like the dog in the book, she probably wouldn’t come back.


Our Ginger doesn’t have a white patch on her paw. (Most doxies, other than dapples, are solid color.) But I needed to give my fictional Ginger a distinguishing mark so that the two characters (her rescuer and her owner) could end up squabbling over her.


As is the case in most of my stories, my characters end up romantically involved. Hey, dogs aren’t just great companions; they’re wonderful matchmakers, too! As of yet, the real Ginger hasn’t brought a love interest into my life. (Here’s hoping!)


I hope you enjoy Every Dog Has His Day. As you read about that tiny mischievous doxie, just know that she’s a very real little dog—one who climbed up on my kitchen island just yesterday and got into some carefully-wrapped treats I’d made for the grandkids.


Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction!


I love how the author incorporates her gift of humor into this story. The setting is perfect as I live in the area she refers to. The story is about a little dachshund who I adored. I have always  thought they were a cute breed and during  the story I was able to know more about this breed. Being a purebred you would think it was chipped wouldn’t you? It’s a mystery why this sweet little dog was found wondering the streets in Houston. 

Oh my just wait till you find out who the owner is of this precious little dog. I was flabbergasted and also a bit excited. The author knows just how to hook her readers with excitement, laughs, faith and southern hospitality. I loved the nod to out football team , The Texans and our baseball team The Astros. It made me smile to think about our teams and how much of a fan I am of them.

That  brings me to the owner of the dog who is being fostered  by the adorable  Isabel. She falls in love with the sweet dog and has misgivings of who the owner claims  to be. What a circus it turns out to be around  the clinic when a very famous athlete shows up to claim the dog.  

I’m pretty sure I laughed through the entire book as we are reacquainted with Grandma Peach and her new husband the Reverend . They are a hoot and bring such joy to the story. There is a secret wedding to discover as well in this cozy mystery. I love how the author has brought a quaint little town to life with characters who scream of southern hospitality at its best. Now I’m not gonna tell you what happens to the dog or if there may be a blossoming romance but I can say this is a must read book. 

Get ready  for famous stars, laughter, dogs and a mystery sure to keep you guessing. Thank you to the author for sharing about ministering to the lost and homeless people in the Houston area. It is something every city deals with and the author highlights this in her book with compassion. The ending is oh my so so good. I think you have outdone yourself with this book Janice. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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  2. This sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing love the cover!