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Thursday, August 31, 2023


Shucks, y'all! Sheriff Kenni Lowry is back and her life's as twisted as a snake with a bellyache. A marriage proposal from the dashing Finn Vincent could mean a 'happily ever after,' but it also risks sending her ghostly Poppa to the great beyond for good. Can she reckon with love while keeping her spectral sidekick?

Just when you think Kenni's plate is full, a murdered John Doe is discovered on the train tracks. Poisoned and unknown, this mystery man's arrival stirs up a hornet's nest in the heart of Cottonwood.

In 'Heavens to Bribery,' dig into a hearty helping of Southern charm, ghostly companionship, and a murder mystery as thick as Kentucky gravy. Strap in for a tale that’s more gripping than a bull rider at the rodeo, as Kenni races to uncover the truth behind this deadly puzzle.


It’s really happening everyone, The proposal we have been waiting for is now here. Finn is on bended knee asking that all important question to Kenni. The crowd is waiting  for that all important “yes” when a scream is heard. Being the sheriff, Kenni reacts and leaves Finn kneeling without an answer. Whose body is laying on the tracks and why was this person murdered? Looks like the proposal will have  to wait as Kenni gears up to solve the mystery. 

I adore Kenni’s Poppa and how no one can see him but his daughter, After all, he is dead but is still around to help his pride and joy. I find it comforting that Kenni can still talk to him and rely on him to help her when needed. It makes the story very endearing and cleverly written. 

When the person found dead is identified, Kenni knows she is in for an adventure. The wife has just come into the office to make a missing persons report, but had no idea that her husband has already been found. Who wanted Dilbert Thistle dead? One suspect starts to stand out when it is discovered that his ex wife had a protective order against him. Seems odd that she is filing a missing persons report on the person she has a protective order against. 

With more twists than a curved road, the author had me glued to the story. Now I always think I can solve a mystery but I rarely do. My list of suspects had been narrowed down, yet I missed some significant subtle hints along the way. The case of Dilbert Thistle was more involved than I realized. With Kenni’s hands full she also has someone trying to undermine her. This certain person wants her job and sure becomes a pest. Oh wait there is one more thing. Does Kenni say yes to the proposal? 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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