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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

About the Book

Book:Small Town Danger

Authors: Mary Alford, Liz Bradford, June Foster, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Edie James, Ann Malley, J. Carol Nemeth, and Colleen Snyder

Genre: Christian/Clean Romantic Mystery and Suspense

Release Date: April 25, 2023

More than lives are in danger when small town tranquility meets heart pounding suspense in this collection of ten brand-new novels from some of the genre’s most explosive romantic suspense authors!


Join Mary Alford, Liz Bradford, June Foster, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Edie James, Ann Malley, Carol Nemeth and Colleen Snyder as mystery, suspense, and faith combine to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Sins of the Past – A Hope Island Securities Book by Mary Alford

Ten years earlier, Janine put him away for murder. Now Bennett’s back in her life with a challenge—help me find the real killer.


Swept Away – Tracking Danger Book Two – A Search and Rescue Novel by Liz Bradford

When a SAR mission ends with a murder, Josh and Chloe must fight rising tensions before they get swept away.


Danger in Cranberry Cove by June Foster

When Julie Wilder joins local lawyer Lucas Ethridge in uncovering clues of who murdered their high school friend on the beach fifteen years before, phone calls from their deceased classmate are unnerving. After incriminating evidence turns up, can Lucas and Julie discover the killer’s identity or will they suffer the same fate as their friend?


Escaping Illusions – A Frozen Footprints Book by Therese Heckenkamp

All she wants is a new beginning, but a man famous for deception is the last person she should trust.


A Place to Hide by Cynthia Hickey

Is there nowhere to hide? Will Marley and Dirk escape a fan who always seems to be one step ahead of them?


Handmade Mayhem – Addie Masters Mysteries Book 1 by Gina Holder

“Who Knew DIY Could Be So Deadly.”


Hidden Sins – A Redemption Creek Romantic Suspense by Edie James

Redemption Creek, where sometimes justice needs a helping hand.


Debt of Honor by Ann Malley

Where’s the honor in loving your best friend’s wife? Or keeping the secrets that may get her and her baby killed?


Death Goes to School by J. Carol Nemeth

The rewarding profession of teaching: it could get you killed.


Twisted by Colleen Snyder

She’s eighteen. A visitor to a tornado-stricken town in need of help. Half of the residents think she’s a saint. While the other wants her dead.


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About the Authors

Liz Bradford didn’t always know she was a writer, but story ideas have always been a part of her life. When she finally took an idea seriously, she started writing and hasn’t been able to stop. She is a member of ACFW and ACFW-Louisville Chapter. Even though Liz’s heart yearns to live in the mountains of North Carolina, she and her husband live in southern Indiana where she homeschools their three daughters.


An award-winning author, June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in Education and a MA in counseling. June began writing Christian romance in 2010 as she and her husband traveled the US in their RV. Her adventures provide a rich source of information for her novels. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next book.

To date, June has written over thirty contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels and novellas. June uses her training in counseling and her Christian beliefs in creating characters who encounter real-life difficulties yet live victorious lives. She’s published with Winged Publications. Visit June at to see a complete list of her books.

Her novel, The Inn at Cranberry Cove, won the 2021 Selah award for Romantic Suspense. It is available on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and eBook format.


Born in Australia but raised in the US as a homeschooled student, Therese Heckenkamp has been writing stories since before she could spell. She lives in Wisconsin and is an award-winning author of five Christian romance and suspense novels as well as a non-award-winning mother of five energetic kids. As a busy stay-at-home mom, Therese writes whenever she can manage (and sometimes when she can’t). She dreams up new stories mostly at night when the house is—if she’s lucky—finally quiet. It’s no coincidence one of her novels is called Sleep Deprived. ​


Cynthia Hickey is a multi-published and best-selling author of cozy mysteries and romantic suspense. She has taught writing at many conferences and small writing retreats. She and her husband run the publishing press, Winged Publications, which includes some of the CBA’s best well-known authors. They live in Arizona and Arkansas, becoming snowbirds with two dogs and one cat. They have ten grandchildren who keep them busy and tell everyone they know that “Nana is a writer.”


Gina Holder is an indie author and stay-at-home mom. She’s had an infatuation with books for as long as she can remember. She loves sharing uplifting messages from God’s Word and introducing readers to new and new-to-them authors on her blog at When she’s not writing, Gina enjoys playing the piano, cooking, reading, watching Hallmark mysteries, and solving “escape room” puzzles. She’s been a member of ACFW for several years, and loves growing in her craft as an author. She published her debut novel in 2017. Gina lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.


Edie writes faith-filled romantic suspense featuring adventurous women, and the heroic men who love them.

Don’t let the smile fool you. Edie spends far too much of her time considering murder, mayhem, and former Navy SEALS with private jets and high tech toys. ​

She lives within sight of the real-life town that inspired the Hope Landing series with her firefighter husband, one creaky senior border collie and three mischievous cats.​


Ann Malley is an empty-nesting, homeschool mom looking for fun. Don’t let the Snap Chat filters fool you. She writes clean romantic suspense when not dabbling in short, sassy romantic comedies.


A native North Carolinian, J. Carol Nemeth always loved reading and making up stories since childhood, and began writing in junior high school. As a young adult, she worked in the National Park Service and served in the US Army where she was stationed in Pisa, Italy. While there she met the love of her live, Mark Nemeth, also an Army veteran. They’ve lived in various locations including North Yorkshire, England. Now living in West Virginia, they enjoy RVing and traveling to research for Carol’s books. They have two grown children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, three amazing grandchildren, and a lab fur baby named Holly. Carol is a member of ACFW and an Amazon Bestselling author. She writes Christian historical and contemporary romantic suspense and has published twelve novellas and full-length novels.


Colleen K. Snyder has always had a passion for writing. She authored two previously published books: Journey to Amanah: The Beginning (1991) and Return to Tebel-Ayr: The Journey Continues (1993)  (B&H Publishing). She is the author of the “Collin Walker Series” of books. She lives on a “ranchette” in California and is the (very) junior ranch hand. She serves on her church prayer team and exercises a ministry of encouragement. Colleen has worked as a factory line worker, pharmacy technician, USAF missile systems analyst, nanny, teacher and whatever else the Lord required. Her story is for His glory, always.


Mary Alford is a USA Today bestselling author who loves giving her readers the unexpected, combining unforgettable characters with unpredictable plots that result in stories the reader can’t put down. Her titles have been finalists for several awards, including the Daphne Du Maurier, the Beverly, the Maggie, and the Selah. She and her husband live in the heart of Texas in the middle of 70 acres with two cats and one dog.


More from Mary

If you’re like me, when you picture a small town, you think about a place where you feel welcomed and where the world becomes a little bit smaller and friendlier. Small towns are a safe place where everyone knows everyone, and big-city crime seems so far away.

Imagines of county fairs and picnics in the park come to mind. Fireworks on the fourth of July, and a small-town church where the town gathers to worship on Sunday.

That image is a peaceful one. But do you ever think about the secrets that might lay hidden behind those cheerful small-town curtains?

That was one of the things that attracted me, Mary Alford, to creating the Small Town Danger collection along with Liz Bradford, June Foster, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Edie James, Ann Malley, Carol Nemeth and Colleen Snyder.

The idea of taking a seemingly tranquil setting such as a small town and then throwing in a dangerous situation that flips everything you think you know about a small town on its ear is the premise behind Small Town Danger—a collection of 10 full-length novels available now on Amazon.

Getting to work with such a talented group of authors was an amazing blessing for me.

So, I hope you enjoy the Small Town Danger collection as much as each of the authors enjoyed creating these tales of intrigue that prove not all small towns are tranquil and not all secrets stay hidden.


I love reading books that  are a collection of different authors. Readers get to see  how each author writes and enjoy their different styles. This collection held my attention and I loved how each story flowed well. The collection is a variety of topics but have one clear theme. God loves you and is in control.

Sins of the Past by Mary Alford 

What would you do if you found out that the man you helped put in prison for the last ten years was innocent? Janine has just been told that another murder has taken place with the same MO that now proves the person she thought was guilty is now a free man. She not only has to face the fact that the real killer is still out there, but a close friend has become the latest victim to the crime she has tried to run away from. 

It was interesting that Bennett who has just been released from prison for a crime he didn’t do asked Janine to help catch the real killer. He knows that Janine is the only one who can help him since she was so involved in the investigation. The intrigue is intense and it creeped me out that the  Judge as he is known  freely walks around in Janine’s house. He picks up items and then places them back all the while imaging when they will meet. 

The author knows how to keep the suspense going with twists that kept me guessing. I really thought I had solved the case, but I was so off base. The ending is so so good and I love how the author brings the case to a close with a surprise that  I never suspected. There is a little faith in the  story that shows how one main character has come to depend on God to see them through their dark days. Excellent story with just enough tension to have me reading a bit faster because I had  to know the identity of who the Judge was. 

Swept Away by Liz  Bradford 

Who can resist a story about search and rescue? I am amazed at how well trained dogs are and their attention to every scent they smell. To me the  dogs are the hero of any search and rescue team. They put theirselves in grave danger and are dedicated to their job. 

Of course the  trainer is responsible for  training their dog and work long hours with them. I was impressed with Chloe and her K9 Poirot. What an impressive team they make. With them is Josh who is a doctor that  happens to be smitten with Chloe . Together they make a formidable team that is determined to find the missing councilman. Crossing over rough terrain and pouring rain the team has a hard time finding clues. The dampness made me shiver and my skin started to crawl as I anticipated something bad was about to happen. 

Strange things are happening as two more bodied are discovered in a way that is jarring. Who is killing council men and why? Im not sure I would be able to continue searching when coming  upon a shocking discovery. There is definitely a serial killer on the loose and now Josh , Chloe and her team are on alert as this search and rescue has turned into a fight to survive. 

I loved how the story took a turn when suddenly the team finds themselves in a flood. The author gives a great description of what it would be like to be trapped in flooded water trying to find a  safe place to stay at. The intensity was high and in the  midst of this a killer is on the loose. What a great lesson in trusting God and understanding that he forgives us. It was sad that one certain person didn’t grasp that God had already  forgiven  him. 

Danger at Cranberry Cove by June Foster

I enjoyed how this story brought two people back together after years apart. The mystery of a high school friend who was murdered still lingers in their mind. Julie has come back home to stay with her aunt and work at the  hospital. She misplaced something  years ago that she hopes to find that will help solve the mystery. 

Lucas is back and ready  to open his own office as a lawyer. He still remembers his friend who was murdered and wants to solve the case. I liked how he shared his testimony of giving himself to God. He knew his friend was going down a  dangerous path all those years ago and wanted his own life to be better. Now that he and Julie have reconnected, can they solve the mystery? 

With a list of suspects growing, I began to try to solve the mystery. I had my eye on one particular person and kept thinking that if I was right, jealousy sure does eat away at a person. The author does a great  job of  giving us twists in the story and I was very surprised, ok shocked at the outcome. This is a great story where faith is very important and trust is the key to finding out the truth. To me this reminded me of a Hitchcock movie with drama, secrets and an ending that  exposes lies without being too scary. The perfect combination of teamwork, trust and seeking the truth. 

Escaping Illusions by Therese Heckenkamp

With a mother and daughter on the run, this story grips your insides as danger is closer than they think. Brook is desperate to escape her husband’s abuse and leaves with her daughter Ella  to find a new beginning. What she doesn’t know is that her husband has been found murdered and she is the main suspect. What a shock it was for  her to find out that she is now enemy number one in the eyes of her extended family. 

I’m so glad she was able to find a safe place to stay. However now she has to share the place with Max. He is hiding out from the tabloids after a big misunderstanding that makes him look like a bad guy. I like how he decides to help Brook out after they discover that they both are staying at the same house. Surrounded by a beautiful snowfall, will Brook be safe from those who blame her for her husband’s death?   

The author keeps me glued to the story as strange sightings and unexplained letters start showing  up? Is Brook’s husband really  dead ? I can say that chills stayed with me til the end of this eerie story. It is a must read for thriller fans. Oh my was I on the edge of my seat as the story ends with an unexpected twist. This would make a great  movie and I would be sitting on the front row. I loved how the author shows how important it is to trust others and listen to your instincts. 

A Place To Hide by Cynthia Hickey 

Oh my does this story get a bit scary. I felt so bad for Marley when her fears become real. Being a news reporter does make her well known , but one person is taking things too far. First non vent letters were sent to Marley, then they became threatening. After someone close to her is murdered she goes into seclusion hoping her stalker won’t find her. The small town she goes to seems nice but danger is closer than she thinks. 

Dirk is a loner who would rather not spend much time in town. He likes his independence and his closest friend is his dog. When the sheriff asks him to keep a watch on Marley, he knows that she is in trouble. I don’t think he was all that excited to watch out for Marley but he does have a kind heart and doesn’t want to see harm come to anyone. I loved Dirk’s idea of having a small tiny home community on his land to help out the veterans that needed a hand to get their lives back on track. I have always been fascinated by these tiny homes and think it would be a nice place to escape to sometimes. 

Jealousy and obsession drives the stalker  to harm anyone who gets close to Marley. The scene with the bikers were unnerving and violent. Marley and Dirk realize that this person will kill anyone who gets close to Marley? I began to wonder if the person would eventually turn on Marley herself. If you love psychological thrillers this is a must read. 

Handmade Mayhem by Gina Holder

Addie is a hard worker as she trudges through her task of collecting junk from other people. Some people think she is a little strange making art work but she is very creative. I liked her quirkiness. Noah is a straight shooter. He has come to take his grandmother to live with him. It was sad for Addie to go pick up so many memories from this sweet  older lady. 

When a murder happens Addie is beside herself when someone close to her is arrested for the murder. Addie and Noah are not best friends or really friends at all and when he thinks Ethan  is guilty it causes a lot of friction. The author gives you twists that  send us off on a suspect that to me was so so guilty. Well folks I’m once again never going to be a detective. I overlooked clues and pointed fingers at the  wrong people. Hope you do better than me. Get ready for a mystery that will have you second guessing yourself. 

Hidden Sins by Edie Janes 

I love a good military special ops story and this one is right up there with the best. The town’s name Redemption Creek is very poetic and meaningful. The mission for Bridger  and Tai are dangerous but they are going to help their buddy out at all costs. Their last mission was sketchy at best but this one seems different. Is it revenge someone is after? Strap on your boots and get ready for an adrenaline rush as the author takes us on an unforgettable  journey. 

Adding to the danger is Jason’s sister Jane. When a stranger comes in asking about her brother she knows that something is wrong. Going out to his place she finds a big  mess. What happens next made me jump. Having a hand clamp your  mouth shut tends to give you chills. She is assured that they are there to help. Raise your hand if you would believe that. Yes I wouldn’t for a second. The story soars with intrigue when another person is added to the scene. A pastor who is being blackmailed asked Jason to help him. Now the question is where is Jason and why has he contacted his old buddies? 

Blackmail, secrets, hidden agendas and bombs going off make this story one to pay attention to. A pastor with a past starts to complicate  things and makes Bridger  and  Tai’s job more intense. They now have to unravel who  is blackmailing the  pastor, keep Jane safe and find their friend. There is a lot to deal with but they are equipped and have God on their side.

Debt of Honor by Ann Malley 

It’s a dark day for Mary Ann as the person who murdered her husband is being sentenced today. She has regrets about their marriage and her infidelity but her precious child is everything to her. A strange occurrence happens as she is dropping her child off  and I had a  feeling her day was going to get dangerous. 

Trey is back in town and knows at sone point he will run into Mary Ann. Their past is about to catch u0 with them. The story deals with gangs and the chaos they cause. Revenge is ever present in this chilling story. Mary Ann has a few things she needs to deal with and bitterness is number one on the list. Yes she sinned but the way she presents herself is like she is a victim. I wanted to shake her and say, “”All you need to do is ask for forgiveness.” She almost wants to punish herself which is sad. I love this statement from the story, “A person’s past isn’t their present.” 

A new plot develops when the baby is kidnapped and Damien’s reputation is ruined. Whose side was he really on? Mary Ann learns some devastating truths about her deceased husband that  shatters her heart. Now with her baby in danger who will save her from spies that are out to seek revenge?  There is a world where secrets lie and spies become double agents. Readers be prepared for some tough scenes and intense words as this story will have you asking God to protect you from harm. 

Death Goes To School by J. Carol Nemeth

 This one is a hard one to read as bodies are discovered and more women start disappearing, Flint has his hands full trying to juggle his job as a ranger and  guardian to his niece. Seems like no one is safe as a serial killer is on the  loose. 

Jenny is still grieving the disappearance of her friend but tries to get back into the swing of things as a teacher. I thought her reaction to Flint getting her stunt to pick up her niece after school was over the top. Her aunt agreed so why is she she so angry? One thing is for sure. Jenny is still trying  to come to grips with the strange disappearance of her friend.

Wow ! What a rollercoaster ride the author took us on. The deranged person behind the killings is not who you would expect at all. I appreciate the faith scattered throughout the story. The ending is no without a little action and close call. Great story but does have a sensitive subject that may be a trigger for some readers. 

Twisted by Colleen Snyder

Walker is not an easy character to figure out. She isn’t overly friendly but does a great job when given an assignment. She is eighteen and does some immaturity by her not going out of her way to be friendly. Walker finds her identity in work and wanting  others to acknowledge her. Work is all she knows and some misread her thinking she is not pleasant. The truth is she doesn’t want any relationships.

What I did like about Walker was her work with the girls basketball team. Her pep talk is awesome. She tells them, “it’s what’s inside you. It’s who’s inside you.” Her testimony in incredible as she encourages hem to be the best they can be.  God chooses us for certain things because He has equipped us. He has given us the  words  to say that may save someone from making the  wrong choice. Be confident in Him. 

Great lessons on forgiveness, peace, joy and trust. Walker’s  journey is filled with emotion and hoe God has healed her and shown her that she  is valuable to Him. Our sins are forgiven and we can now go with confidence following God’s plan for out lives. 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Small Town Danger with your readers!

  2. I love books like this one where I get to read stories by a variety of authors, and the small town setting is my favorite. What a great group of authors, too!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review of Small Town Danger, this sounds like an exciting collection of stories and I am looking forward to reading them all