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Thursday, November 2, 2023


New holiday, new mystery, and Violet Rhinehammer's got her notepad ready!

In the festive heart of Holiday Junction, where the turkeys are stuffed and the traditions are age-old, shadows dance with the autumn wind. The Hardens, the town's glitz and glamour, face a pie-slice of tragedy, and suddenly everyone's holding the knife!

With a dash of sass and a sprinkle of wit, it's up to our gal Violet of the "Junction Journal" to sift through the tales and tattles, from glittering pageants to art district whispers. But as the Leaf Dance Festival twirls closer, secrets simmer and suspicions brew. Can Violet serve up the truth before the main course, or will the killer come back for seconds?

Hold onto your hats and pumpkin pies, y'all! This Friendsgiving, join Violet in dishing out justice in the coziest, quirkiest holiday whodunit of the season!


Just in time for Thanksgiving we get to visit Violet in Holiday Junction. It’s time for a fun holiday with festivals, quirky characters and a little mystery mixed in. What shenanigan’s will  Violet get involved in this holiday? With her boyfriend’s nose stuck in law books she is left to do the traditional Merry Maker duties herself. With  beautiful fall colors surrounding the town, it made for a picturesque scenery. Why is everyone talking about Tofurky? Doesn’t  sound  very festive to me but maybe the town will enjoy it.  Violet’s mama is hosting Friendsgiving this year and I just go she is going to go all out. Food, decorations, family and friends will all be there. Tradition is “all about community coming together, sharing  in the joys and traditions passed down through generations.” What  could possibly go wrong? 

The Leisure Center is decorated with fall colors and pumpkins ready for the big feast. Everything grinds to a halt when a body is discovered there.  Poor Albert is found at the bottom of the stairs under mysterious circumstances. Will the feast go on,  or will it be stopped by an investigation? Violet better get busy and use her snoopy ways to clear up the mess or Thanksgiving will be canceled. 

The author throws a curve ball when the deceased’s wife is also found dead. What is going on? There are many suspects but as Violet starts to dig into each one’s where alibi , the list starts to shrink. I loved following the trail as the author is brilliant with little tides buts of hints for readers to pay attention to. The town is a buzz with the festival and the murder of two of their own. I was taken aback when the killer was revealed. It was almost sad for the reason behind the killings, but in the end justice must prevail. Off to jail they go with a lifetime off being behind bars with no chance to be out anytime soon, 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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