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Wednesday, November 1, 2023


A Christmas at Jekyl Island Club Kick-Off Package

About the Book

Book: A Christmas at Jekyl Island Club

Author: Blossom Turner

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: October 24, 2023

She was born into privilege yet yearns for freedom. Dare she risk it all for love?

Though spunky Savannah Ensworth was born into wealth and privilege, she longs for the freedom allotted to men. Marriage is the very last thing on her to-do list. As the sole heir to her father’s fortune, she’s in no hurry to turn the freedom that comes with wealth over to a husband.

Bored and restless, she arrives for yet another mind-numbing winter season at the Jekyll Island Millionaire’s Club. There is nothing new under the sun…or so she thinks until she meets Joseph Bennett, the visiting reverend.

As sparks fly, a forbidden attraction grows. But will their very different lives snuff out any hope of a future? And is she ready to give up the freedom she’s always desired for a love that could cost her everything?


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About the Author

Blossom Turner Blossom Turner is an award-winning romance author and a hopeless romantic at heart. She believes all story should give the reader significant entertainment value but also relatable life struggles with hope sprinkled throughout. Her desire is to leave the reader with a yearning to live for Christ on a deeper level, or at the very least, create a hunger to seek for more.

She lives in a four-season playground in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with gardening at the top of her enjoyment list. She has a passion for women’s ministry but having coffee and sharing God’s hope with a hurting soul trump all. She has two grown children and lives with her

husband, David, of forty years and their Shepherd/Bernese cross, Lacey. Blossom loves to hear from her readers. Visit her at (Link to website.)



More from Blossom

An island owned by millionaires…do you want to visit?

From my first glimpse of the Marshes of Glynn to that step out of my car onto soil that used to be trod by the world’s wealthiest, my interest was piqued. A book series blossomed inside my head. The 2,906 mile trek from my home in Kelowna, BC to Jekyll Island, Georgia, was worth every hard-earned penny.

The history of Jekyll Island is fascinating from the indigenous people to the arrival of Spanish explorers in 1510 who named the Island, Isla De Ballenas (Whale Island), onward to the English occupation during the Colonial Era in 1733 (where it was renamed Jekyll Island) through the plantation Era. But it really gets interesting during the Club Era where fifty-three members purchased shares with the goal to market the island as a winter retreat for the extremely wealthy. It was a raging success. The clubhouse was officially opened in January of 1888 and the island became an exclusive club to many of the world’s wealthiest families. One could visit by invitation only. This “Millionaires’ Hideaway” became the place some of the most powerful American financiers could relax in prestigious undisturbed isolation. During its peak, the claim was made that its’ members controlled one-sixth of the world’s wealth.

This story takes place in the midst of the Club Era which lasted from 1888 to 1942 before the island was sold back to the state of Georgia. The island, the Club House, the mansion-like cottages, including the flora and fauna have been meticulously researched to bring authenticity to this story. I hope I have done a good job of setting you in that place and time, so you can visualize, hear, smell, and be touched by the lives of the people that long ago walked upon that soil.

Today, there is a causeway built through the beautiful Marshes of Glynn so visitors can access the Island from the mainland by car. It is a popular tourist destination. I would highly recommend a trip to this Golden Isles barrier island.

The historical district has been painstakingly restored and the Club House stands in all its original glory. From the variety of beaches to a photographer’s heaven on Driftwood beach, to the miles of bike trails, salt marshes and abundant wildlife this island is deemed one of the 50 most beautiful small towns in America. I could see why when I visited.

If you have not yet had the pleasure, I hope you will someday have the opportunity to step upon the soil where millionaires trod and bask in the same sunshine they did. Perhaps have high tea in the Club House or ride a bicycle on the hard packed shores of the very beaches they enjoyed. For we are all God’s beautiful creations. He sees not our money, our status, or our family connections…He sees our heart.


I enjoyed reading about how people lived during a period where parents wanted their daughters to marry into high society. Status was very important and families made sure their daughters  had plenty of  suitors. When Savannah comes to the Jekyll Island she is expected to attend tea parties, be available for approved suitors and be lady like at all times. I loved her spunk  and how she wanted her parents to allow her to pick who she wanted to be with. When she hears her mother say something that startles her, her mother immediately denies that she has said it. I couldn’t wait to see where the author would take this part of the  story. 

The Reverend Joseph Bennett is the talk of the island. With his good looks and eligibility he is much sought after as a suitable husband for many. I liked how he is humble and allows God to direct his path. There is no denying that there is an attraction between Savannah and himself. As they get acquainted they decide to build a friendship. Oh how I wanted them to find their way to each other and let God soften Savannah’s heart to God. 

Two things struck me about the story. One was how the  wealthy or in this case Savannah’s parents, think that they do enough to help the less fortunate. They don’t think they have to do more than give a small amount  to a few charities. You can tell that Savannah’s parents  do   not have a relationship with God. I understand why Savannah questions things said  from the pulpit especially when her father tells her it is not in the Bible. More people were worried about their status in society then  helping others. Women were meant not to have powerful positions at work and men thought they should stay at home, cook, clean and care for the children. 

The other thing I noticed was how Savannah begins  to question  who she is and who God is. Her friendship with Joseph is a stepping stone for her to find her way to Jesus. We see her start to question why women were not allowed to do certain things. Oh if she only knew that God loves her and has equipped her to do things that could affect many in their way of thinking. 

It is illustrated in the  story that members of the  church  are offended by the message Joseph had preached. As he and Savannah talk about the sermon he explains to her that, “The Word of God has a way of offending others. It’s described in the Bible as being living and powerful, sharper that a double-edged sword.”  Have you ever been offended by a message from the pastor? The truth hurts sometimes, but it also sets us free. 

What a beautiful message the story brings as we watch someone give their life to Jesus. I absolutely loved how it was broken down into a simple way using three letters ; ABC. You must pay attention to this part because I wrote down what the three letters represented. A for admitting, B for believing and C is for confess. 

This has been a very enriching story where we find a young woman who does not take for  granted her wealth after she has an emotional spiritual journey. The author does a great job of allowing readers to see what it is like to let go and allow God to direct your path. Never give up on your dreams and always trust God.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.


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