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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

About the Book

Book: Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal

Author: Johnna Hensley

Genre: Christian memoir

Release Date: June 6, 2023

After a shocking diagnosis in 2007 sent her life in an unexpected direction, Johnna Hensley had a decision to make. Though she had walked with God for nearly two decades, she had to choose whether she would follow His leading on a strenuous journey to find the narrow gate that leads to eternal
life; or would she take the easy, wide path offered by the temporal world? As she chose to say yes to selfless love, through God’s guidance, she discovered this was the first of many forks in life’s road that would ultimately lead her to a life full of adventure, surprises, and sometimes, even hardships.

Inspiring and encouraging, this true story of one family’s journey is intertwined with relevant teaching of who God is and why we can trust Him in the midst of life’s chaos. Through relatable storytelling, wit, and wisdom, readers will be challenged to shift their perspective toward God’s eternal adventure.


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About the Author

Johnna (pronounced John-NUH) is an author, blogger, and all-time coordinator of chaos. Managing her family of eight, built through biology and adoption, means there’s rarely a dull moment in her days. Through herwriting, she boldly shares the eternal hope and restoration heaven offers.
She and Ryan, her husband of eighteen years, reside in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas and are avid supports of foster care, adoption, and disability awareness and advocacy as each has impacted their family. When the chaos subsides, you’ll find Johnna spending time outdoors, enjoying an early morning workout, or on the patio of a Tex-Mex restaurant with friends.


More from Johnna

Reckless Yes is Johnna’s first book, although certainly not her last! This book was years in the making and began through blog posts where she would chronicle the insights she gained from living life caring for her disabled son. It was her insights and experiences during her son’s grand entrance into the world, and many years following, which began to shape and solidify her eternal perspective and the hope of heaven. Reckless Yes is a Christian memoir that reads nearly like a Bible study as Johnna uses a unique strategy of alternating teaching chapters with memoir chapters. Not only will you see her life unfold on the pages, but you’ll see the character of God come to life as well with Johnna’s simplistic, yet interesting, explanation of Scripture. When you’re done with this book, you’ll be asking yourself what YOUR next yes will be! You’ll be equipped and capable, ready to move your life forward into action and be reckless for the Kingdom.


It was easy to relate to the author when she spoke about her relationship with her father. Mine was non existent as well. Although my dad was a preacher I still didn’t understand having a Heavenly Father or earthly father. I felt different and isolated myself all the time.

The writing style is very soothing as we glimpse into the author’s  life. I loved when she said, “I’ve come to learn that it’s in our broken pieces where we find the most beauty.”  Including Biblical figures in the  book the author illustrates how God  can use broken people. We can be set free from things that have held us back and begin to follow Him. 

When I read what the author and her husband faced, I sat still for a few minutes. I remember when I was pregnant at forty-three  with my third child my doctor wanted to do a test on our unborn child to see if there were any defects. With confidence I told him no and said if there was anything wrong with the  baby we would love it and care for it. Facing what the author faced, I knew the decision was hard but in that moment God was already preparing them for what lay ahead. 

The book is very emotional but so good as we see a realistic look at what people go thru during periods of hard times. I loved reading  her story and how she opened her heart to other children that needed extra care. Compassion, unconditional love and grace is the three words I would describe as this book. Thank  you for sharing  your story and encouraging others that “we  can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  2. I found this book very challenging and inspiring.

  3. Sounds like a book that will encourage spiritual growth.

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