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Sunday, May 19, 2024

About the Book

Book: Abounding Hope

Author: Cindy Kay Stewart

Genre: Historical Christian Romance (WWII)

Release date: October, 2023

Poland’s looming defeat forces an American teacher to escape with children wanted by the Nazis.

It’s late August, 1939, and the world is on the brink of war. The Nazis are threatening Poland, but American teacher Irena Simmons refuses to flee to safety. She’s dedicated her life to serving in her church and school, and she’s watching over the little German boys she whisked to safety the year before. When her former classmate, Jonathan, surprises her in Lvov and insists she leave with him before the war starts, Irena balks. Nothing will interfere with her work—especially a man making demands.

American shipping magnate Jonathan Huntwell had a crush on Irena in school. When their former classmates select him to travel to Poland and escort her out before it’s too late, he doesn’t expect the inner turmoil she ignites in him. Although honor-bound to aid any friend in trouble, Jonathan acknowledges that Irena is more than an obligation to him. However, he must keep his feelings hidden, or he’ll jeopardize their friendship.

Irena soon discovers that the Gestapo agent she successfully evaded in Germany has found her in Poland, and he’s after her young charges. When the Germans invade, Jonathan is in Denmark on business, too far away to help. As the rising danger threatens everything Irena holds dear, she must find a way to protect those she loves.

Based on true events and backed by extensive research, Abounding Hope is sure to delight fans of WWII adventure cloaked in sweet romance. Come to the place where the war began and discover hope in the darkest places.


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About the Author

Cindy Kay Stewart, a retired high school social studies teacher and current church pianist, writes stories of hope, steeped in love, and anchored in faith. Her manuscripts have won the Touched by Love Award, the First Impressions contest, and the Sandra Robbins Inspirational Writing Award. They’ve also finaled in the Maggie Award of Excellence and the Cascade Awards, and semi-finaled in the Genesis contest. Cindy is passionate about revealing God’s handiwork in history. She resides in North Georgia with her college sweetheart and husband of forty-two years. Her daughter, son-in-law, and four adorable grandchildren live nearby. Cindy’s currently writing the Circle of Hope series set in WWII Europe.

More from Cindy

WWII is a fascinating time period—so many miracles took place in the midst of great tragedy. There has never been an era of history when so many people sacrificed so much to save the world from evil.

During my research for Abounding Hope, I uncovered many interesting and nearly unbelievable stories from the beginning of the war. Within the context of historical fiction, I had the opportunity to recast these true events through the lives of my fictional characters. I endeavored to remain true to history throughout the book, even with dates and places. None of the historical events and places in Abounding Hope are fictional.

Abounding Hope is set in Poland and Hungary at the beginning of WWII. The main characters, Jonathan and Irena, are Americans who have lived in Europe most of their lives. They’re also civilians who learn to surrender their expectations and trust the Lord through their harrowing experiences. In the end, they also find love. Their romance adds soft and intriguing elements to a story set during such a difficult time in history.


This has been a very eye opening  look at a war that turned many lives upside down. The author captures the emotions of this tragedy with a sense of sadness. Many lost family members while others lost their freedom. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to see your city destroyed by bombs and troops that  storm through town killing innocent people. 

Irena is a very determined and fierce character. I admire her strength to keep the children she is charged with safe. The journey was dangerous and at times I wasn’t sure she would survive. The story is filled with scripture and faith elements that bring hope to many. 

Jonathan is a man of integrity. He has a mission to do but also wants to make sure Irena and the children get to safety. It hurt for  him to leave them behind but  he had to fulfill his duty. I did like that there were sparks between the two. Past history shows that at one time they were very happy together. Will they rekindle their relationship? 

I love that the story is based on true events as we witness history of a war that will forever be remembered. Power was so overwhelming to the Germans that they had little regard for anyone. How upsetting it was for our main characters to fight each day to survive. I enjoyed the historical buildings and how they will forever be a reminder of a time when power was tested. 

As Irena, Jonathan and the  children make it safely to their destination, she worries about Teresa and Piotr back in Poland. They stayed behind until their baby is born, but will they survive the war that  threatens to take over their country? It was so hard to leave them behind and all Irena  can do now is pray and trust God. When Irena receives a disturbing telegram she must decide to go back into enemy territory to save her sister and newborn baby. Will Jonathan travel with her?  

With danger, surprises and learning to trust God this story captivates readers and sends them back in time. We have a front seat to the war exploding right before  our eyes. People running for safety  while trying  to keep their wits about them. Will Irena, Jonathan the children and Teresa find a place to feel free? Can Jonathan convince Irena that he is in love with her? “Our lives are in God’s hands, and He alone knows the number of our days.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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