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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tell You Soon By Jan Thompson

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

Sabine was a model with a very promising career until a tragic car accident damaged her legs. She now works  as a real estate agent and seems to be content to be somewhat a loner. Has Sabine really recovered from the accident that cost her a job she loved? Does she have some emotional issues that need to be addressed about that fateful day?

Aidan Ming works security for Sabine's sister . He enjoys his work and has taken an interest in Sabine. He finds her intriguing but feels there are walls she has built around her which prevent any relationship to develop. Ming is determined to break that barrier and comes up with a plan. He hires Sabine to sell his house so he can spend more time with her. Ming must consider if getting close to Sabine is a good idea. Will their interest in each other spell danger for one of them? Who was the caller that convinced Sabine they were interested in looking at a house, but mysteriously never showed up for the appointment?

I loved the two main characters and how the author slowly develops an attraction between them. As they begin to feel a sense of fondness for each other, the author shows us how each of them must rely on God to see them through some difficult decisions. The story is well written with a graceful story that takes the characters along a road of faith, love and trust in the Lord. The story has a flair of intrigue which gives the story a good mixture of a love story and action that keeps the story interesting.

I love reading books by Jan Thompson because she always delivers a good clean story with a bit of mystery that equals a well written story that you can't put down.

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