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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Neptune Challenge by Polly Holyoke

I received a copy of this book from the author and Texas Bloggers for Texas Authors for an honest review. After being genetically altered to to survive in the ocean, Nere, her family and others have succeed in living in a place called Safety Harbor. Nere has a special bond with the Dolphins and are a vital part of her life. Everything seems to be going smooth in this new enchanted place she calls home. But tranquility is not to last for long. A kidnapping has occurred and Nere and her friends want to go rescue her friends. But there is one very big obstacle standing in their way. They must first pass an intense test called the SPA or Simulated Patrol Challenge. This is a mock trial to see how they handle a mission while under extreme pressure. Can they pass the test? Will the challenge be to much for them? As the team discovers why their friends were kidnapped, there is a sense of urgency to rescue them and stop someone from developing his own species that could be so powerful, they could take over the sea. Nere will encounter deadly sharks , and other creatures that will do anything to stop the team. The author has written a great undersea adventure that has you on the edge of your seat. The action is fast and leaves you wanting to read faster so you can continue the journey. I am amazed at the detail of the sea and the majestic creatures the author vividly describes. As I read the book, I felt myself in a tank watching fish swim by and then Nere and her team racing furiously past me as they take on their biggest threat to their world. As you come to the last few pages you begin to hope that there will be another book to continue the adventure you have been in. I don't usually read science fiction books and tend to overlook them when picking out books to read. My opinion of science fiction has now been changed thanks to Polly Holyoke. Thank you for introducing me to a genre that I now have a fondness for. I will be eagerly be awaiting another book from Polly.

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