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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Alice Street Inn By P. A. Wilson

I received a copy of this book from Librarything for an honest review

Niki works for a law firm and is enjoying her quiet life. One day she gets called into her bosses office and her world is shattered. She gets blamed for removing from the discovery two documents and giving them to the opposing side. It has now cost her firm five million dollars and they dismiss her from her position. Niki knows she is innocent, but cuts her loses and decides to call her friend Max. He is always there to comfort her and give her encouragement and has an offer to help change her life.

Alex lives in Riverton and owns the Alice Street Inn. He is busy as a lawyer at his dad's firm and is in desperate need of a manager for the Inn. Max suggests to his friend that he has the perfect person to manage the inn . Niki decides she needs the change and moves to Riverton to take on the role of manager of the inn.

When Niki and Alex meet for the first time, sparks fly and tension mounts. There is definitely an attraction between them, but Alex feels Niki is to aggressive in wanting to change things in the inn. Niki is frustrated that Alex won't let her make the inn more profitable and begins to wonder if she has made a mistake in coming there.

Will Niki and Alex be able to work together? Can Niki deal with her past, or will it interfere with her future with Alex? Alex must confront someone from his past that stole from him and try to move forward. As the two try to straighten their lives out, will it be to much for them?

The author writes a great story showing conflict with others and a romance that could bloom into something magical. It has great characters, some which are kinda shady but it makes for a fun read.

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