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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Having been a pastor's kid myself , I was excited to read this book. I know how hard it can be to always be watched with people just waiting for you to make a mistake as a pastor's kid. It seems that people expect us to be perfect but we are all the same. We mess up, we stumble but we dust ourselves off and continue our journey.

Faithing It "means that in order to get through our problems and bypass our circumstances , we must fight with faith - and without a faith fight there cannot be a win." If you are going through a struggle right now, go to battle and arm yourself with faith. The author encourages us to Fight for our promise . Don't let anything stop you from the promises God has for you. It can be discouraging sometimes to think we are alone in the battle , but guess what? We are never alone as long as we have God .

The book is very encouraging and gives us insight to fight off the attacks of the enemy. We sometimes get so caught up in what people are saying about us, that we start to believe the lies. The biggest thing to remember is that we are a child of God. This is a powerful book that will have you charged up ready to fight to overcome whatever the enemy has thrown at you. "Don't look back. Stop giving the people who hurt you in your past the power that is rightfully yours. Forgive those who have hurt you -not just for them but for you."

Thank you for writing such an intense eye opening book that encourages  us all to take back our life, be free from shame or hurt and start "Faithing It."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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