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Monday, January 11, 2016


Many times I have read scriptures and thought they were good and much needed for the situation I was dealing with. Then I have had a few times where I have read a scripture and for the first time I really understood its meaning. I have used a journal for a long time. I use it to take notes in when I read something in a book that I thought was thought provoking and wanted to go back to it later. I also write scriptures down so I can re read them when I sense a need for that particular scripture. This book is exactly what I need to dig deeper, to truly understand what God is saying to me.

We all have such busy lives but it's important to spend time with God and listen to His voice. I loved the chapters that help you build on your relationship with God. At the end of every chapter is a place to journal your thoughts from the chapter and meditate on the daily scripture. As the author explains, "Meditation is a continuous activity." He further goes into depth about the four pillars of meditation. Each one builds on the other to reach transformation. The book is filled with helpful tips and guides you as you begin to study the bible more intensely . I enjoyed the many tools he gives you to help you get a clearer knowledge of the bible. When we take the time to really read the scriptures, God will help you visualize what He is saying through His word . I encourage readers to take their time going through this book and doing the exercise after each chapter . It is a well written book that will help you hear His voice more clearly and understand scriptures with more clarity .

I received this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review .

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