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Monday, January 11, 2016


Sheila Davis lives with her brothers and dad on a farm. She is a hard worker, cooking and cleaning and looking after the family. She has a gift for writing and dreams one day of being a famous author. Sheila is thrilled when she gets a once in a life time chance to attend a six week  writing course at college thanks to one of her teachers. Her dad is not thrilled at all. In fact he has told her she can't go. How does  she convince her dad to let her go have this adventure ?

When she arrives on campus she runs into some very different young people. Yes she is fresh off the farm where her dad was very strict with her and she feels kinda out of her league. . But her dream is finally coming true, so she takes a deep breath and finds her dorm room. Her roommate is very funny and seems to be protective of Sheila. I loved their interaction and it made me laugh at times. Her roommate has a silly name that you will find out as you read this emotional and intriguing story.

When Sheila meets Dan Gray she thinks she has found someone who can help her with her writing and hopefully help her figure out a way to attend college in the fall. Dan is a selfish, arrogant man  who has set his eyes on Sheila. He is the kind of person who can convince someone he is doing what's best for  them, when the reality is he is using them. He has a plan to use Sheila for his own selfish future. There are warning signs that Dan is not who he says he is, but Sheila is so convinced that they are in love, she ignores the concerns of her family and friends.

The book has a great diversified of characters that you either cheer for or want to scream at. I found myself telling Sheila that  Dan was deceitful , but she wouldn't listen to me. She will have a hard lesson to learn as she has visions of publishing a book. Who is Dan? How far will he go to use Sheila for his own selfish plans? The book has a depth of mystery that I didn't expect and it was written so well I was surprised at the twists and turns. The ending is one you will need to get prepared for. The author has done an outstanding job  of writing a clean, mystery book that is much like a Hitchcock film. Just when you think you have it figured out, the twist comes and you are taken off guard . Thanks for writing a truly exceptional book that has you question who to trust and hoping your dreams come true.
I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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