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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Is it possible to love a book so much that you want to re read it or even beg for it to be made into a movie? This book is exactly the book I am talking about. It has all the elements for a beautiful film to be made and watch the story come to life. With the author's wonderful writing style, I can visualize the story vividly. I loved the historical seeting and great detail that was given . I may be a bit partial to the setting of Galveston, Texas since I live so close to it. As the characters walked the strand, I saw the majestic buildings that graced the town. There are many historical houses there and I loved the description of Miranda's house.

When a group of  Confederate soldiers are thrown together in a prison cell on an Island in Lake Erie, they become very close. It is a hard life and at times they wonder if they will survive and get to see freedom. I thought that the bond the men had was written with such grace and showed how trust can help you get through tough times.  As they sit there in prison, they make a pact to each other. They agree from this day forward until the war is over, they are to look out for each other and their wives.  I could see them gathered in a small cell each looking at each other with determination and a look of comradely in their eyes.

When one of the men does not make it out alive, Robert Truax is sent to check on the man's wife. He is a great character with charm, integrity and a mission to fulfill. When he arrives in Galveston to see Miranda , the wife of the fallen soldier, he is surrounded by horrible gossip being spread about his fallen friend. Where are these vicious rumors coming from? He finds Miranda barely hanging on as the gossip has taken a toll on her. She knows in her heart that her husband has not done the horrible things being said about him. She has become frail and withdrawn. Is someone trying to run her out of town , so they can get her house? Is her life in danger?

The story is well written with  a theme of intrigue, deceit, forgiveness, trust and loyalty. How far will Robert go to protect Miranda and honor his pact made in a prison cell? I loved the suspense around the mysterious letters that are being sent to Miranda. What is in those letters that scare her and makes Robert angry? Can Phillips's good name be restored ? The story is well written and the characters come to life in this intriguing story that shows the importance of loyalty and trust. How far would you go to be loyal to your family , friends and God?

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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