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Saturday, July 9, 2016

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About the Book

Fame gave her a reason to hide. Can anyone unlock her guarded heart?
Reality star ADDISON LEWIS had the perfect life in LA. Or so she thought. After her fiancé betrays her she’s left with one option. Escape. But is anywhere safe from the relentless paparazzi?
LOGAN HART is caught off guard when a mysterious young woman becomes stranded at his family’s ranch. Past heartbreak makes him reluctant to let anyone close, but the city girl’s amusing antics draw them together.
While two lonely hearts collide and secrets loom on the horizon, could God be orchestrating something miraculous behind the scenes?

My Review

Addie seems to have it all. She comes  from a very wealthy and well known family. Her dad is an actor and Addie is engaged to be married. What more could a girl want? The big day arrives and Addie starts to have butterflies. She isn't sure if this is what she really wants. Is she really in love? Something happens before the wedding takes place that finds her running out of town and away from the paparazzi . What happened to make Addie run away from her wedding?

She finds herself in a town where the land is beautiful and she is far away from noise , reporters and the man she thought was the right one. I really enjoyed getting to know Addie and watching her discover another place where life is simpler. She finds herself stranded on the side of the road and along comes a cowboy to rescue her. The banter between her and Logan is great. Addie is determined that she doesn't need his help, but soon realizes she could find herself all alone on a dark road late at night. Being stubborn sometimes gets us in trouble.

Logan has come back to his family's ranch to help out since the accident that devastated his family. Will Logan be able to get over the pain he feels for an accident that caused a great loss to the family? As he gets to know Addie he starts to let his guard down and begins to have feelings for her. Will Addie be able to tell Logan about her family? The story is very well written and has such great characters that I found myself engrossed in the story. I had to read it to the very end without stopping.

The book has so many great lessons for us. Logan is dealing with bitterness when he finds out that Addie has been deceiving him. Will he let bitterness come  between them? "Don't let bitterness take root in your heart." Is he angry at Addie or is there something else that is causing his anger ? The story flows so well as each character goes through trials. They will have to look deep inside themselves and ask God for help. Be sure you pick up a copy of this book and discover what happens when bitterness, deceit, unforgiveness and loss will do to your life if you don't let go and let God heal your broken heart.

"Come to me , all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit for an honest review

About the Author

rachelskatvoldRachel Skatvold is an inspirational author and stay-at-home mom from the Midwest. She enjoys writing inspirational romance, devotions, encouraging blogs. Rachel has just finished her first series, the Riley Family Legacy Novellas and is now working on her first full length novel, Enduring the Flames. Other than writing, some of her hobbies include singing, reading and camping in the great outdoors with her husband and two young sons.

Guest Post from Rachel Skatvold

Have you ever needed to escape?
Every year my husband and I plan our summer vacation several months in advance. We hardly ever plan anything lavish or expensive. Most of the time we just hook up our camper, load our kids and family dog in the truck and head to a state park for our “escape.” Some of our most treasured family times have been enjoyed without television, electronics or other luxuries. It’s refreshing to leave the noise of the city for a while and enjoy a nice walk in the woods or a quiet night roasting marshmallows over a campfire. It gives us time to rest and appreciate the simple blessings that God has given us.
If someone ever needed to escape, it’s Addison Lewis. From the outside it seemed like she had it all; fame, fortune and a handsome and successful fiancé. However, when her dreams of a happy future come crashing down Addison flees her home in LA and ends up stranded at a dude ranch in the Montana wilderness. There she meets a handsome young rancher named Logan and his family. Will the Hart family’s faith and simple ways help Addison discover God’s true purpose for her life?
Escaping Reality is inspired by Mathew 11:28 which says, “…Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” This theme verse is prevalent throughout the story because Addison is searching for a refuge that will provide peace and rest from her stressful lifestyle. However, in the end she discovers that the peace and rest she’s looking for is not a physical destination but a condition of the heart.
Addison and Logan’s story was one of my favorites to write because of Addie’s spunky personality (not to mention her tendency to fall into mud puddles J) and Logan’s courage during hard times. This story might make you laugh out loud and shed a few tears but most of all I hope it inspires you to recognize and appreciate God’s simple blessings. Happy reading, friends and I hope you enjoy reading Escaping Reality.

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