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Friday, September 16, 2016


I have always loved everything this author has written and  this book is no exception. It is emotional, mesmerizing,
loving, faith filled and touches your heart in a way that takes your breath away. I could not put the book down as I was taken on a journey of healing, forgiveness and trust. Each character breathes life into the story with their charm and  grace. The author does  an amazing job of making the reader feel every emotion and there were times when I felt tears streaming down my face as I witnessed turmoil and triumph.

Elsa Andreas is a wonderful  character and I instantly connected to her. After a tragedy happens while being a family therapist, she retreats to a place where she feels secure and hidden from the world. She blames herself for what happened that painful day and decides she has nothing to offer anyone. She has such a sweet spirit and caring heart, but she can't forgive herself.

Nick Stafford has his hands full with helping run the family ranch and being a single dad. His daughters are hurting from the divorce and the oldest is in need of some professional help. I loved the interaction between Nick and his daughters. He has a strong sense of protection for them and I could feel his despair as his oldest daughter struggles with feeling abandoned by her mother. Have  you ever felt abandoned, lost or unloved? The story is a beautiful reminder that you are never alone and when you open your heart , peace abounds.

The story takes a look at hurting people and through the guidance of God, they seek to find their way home. I loved how the author gave us a glimpse into the relationship between Nick and his dad.  Two stubborn prideful men not wanting to take that first step to say, "I'm sorry" was written with a longing for acceptance. It's funny how we all long for love and acceptance, yet when it is freely given, we let our pride get in the way. I loved every moment of this story and am thrilled to know that a third book is coming up in this series. Thank you for writing a story that shows how forgiveness heals the broken heart, trust is something we all need to work on and unconditional love is priceless.

"Love without trust isn't love."

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books for an honest review.


  1. Oh, Deana... Thank you for this review! I'm so glad you loved "Home on the Range"... I am over the moon delighted that reacted like this, it means the world to me! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Deana, good review, I have not read this author but the story sounds great.thanks for sharing.