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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The moment you open a new book with anticipation and feel chills as you start the first chapter and begin to find yourself there with the characters is special. Not many writers can capture that feeling for a reader but this author has an amazing way to open your eyes to a new adventure with words that skip across the pages with gusto. I am honored that I was able to read From This Moment On and thankful that there is more to come from this inspiring series.

Cali is a very smart young woman who has come back to the family's resort after a disasterous marriage that ended with an emotional scar that Cali carries with her. She is putting all her energy into helping the family renovate the resort. I loved how all the siblings worked together in a family business and helped them stay as a tight knit family. There is nothing more special then a family that looks out for each other and is there when they are needed. Cali is still very hurt by the divorce but won't talk about it. Will she ever be able to trust a man again?

As part of the renovation, Cali's  brother has hired Grant to do some murals to improve the appeal of the resort. He is quite handsome  and famous but carries a heavy burden of a plane accident that he can't get over. Will his guilt stop him from believing in himself? I loved when Cali and Grant first meet. I could feel the attraction right away as the author captured their intense and guarded look. As Grant started working on the murals , I enjoyed the details of the painting and felt the scenes come to life.

The story is filled with touching moments between Cali and Grant. I loved how their relationship was slowly developed and how Grant was patient with Cali. Will Cali be able to open her heart again and trust Grant to make her feel safe? I loved the way the author masterfully wrote a story about forgiveness and trust and allowed us to witness the gift of true love. Be sure and pick up a copy of this beautiful story and travel  to Windswept Bay and experience the waves as they crash against the rocks, feel the sand as you walk along the beach and fall in love with characters that will have you wanting to meet them.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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